NEM Foundation August 2019 Update

August 2019 update

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Hi community,

August has been a month full of activity with significant progress toward the Catapult launch and global teams working together toward Catapult commercialization. Check out what we’ve been up to!

Translations can be found below:

Japanese: here.
Russian: here.
Mandarin: here.
Italian: here.
Spanish: here.

Catapult Migration

  • Our team is working in collaboration with partners, supporters and exchanges to determine the best way forward for the Catapult migration.
  • Our analysis takes into account datasets that will be migrated, listing partners (exchanges), companies active on NEM, SuperNode owners, legal and reputational implications, as well as technical implications.
  • To improve our communication around this topic, we have opened the following NEM Improvement Proposal: LINK and have also published an open invitation to ‘Join the Catapult Conversation’: LINK – which is also available in Japanese: LINK.

Brand Steering Committee + Branding Agency Update

We’ve hit a major milestone with the Brand Steering Committee (comprised of Alexandra Tinsman, Nate D’Amico and David Shaw). The branding agency hired by the Foundation (working with the Steering Committee) has almost completed the initial strategic discovery phase, having conducted 17 internal interviews, 15 external interviews, competitor analysis and market research. The last interviews with Japan advocates and blockchain practitioners are happening now.

The agency has developed some “building blocks” around our customers, our capabilities, the context and the competitive landscape that will be used to create the brand philosophy and territory.

Their findings point towards an opportunity with Catapult for us to move Blockchain into the next phase of an internet of value, that will resonate with an enterprise audience keen to adopt blockchain as a pragmatic solution for a genuine business challenge.

foundation august 2019

NEM Academy

  • Screenshots of NEM Academy project
  • Developers and designers are working on the project with the content team to deliver an awesome experience for the users.
  • The prototype of the NEM Academy – link

Tech Team Updates 

  • Take a look at what we’ve worked on in the Tech Department this past month of July including the second iteration of Catapult ‘Elephant’ milestone, latest updates to our SDKs and Testnet, as well as client application progress updates. LINK
  • We want your opinions! Check out the open invitation to join the Catapult Conversations LINK

AGM Update

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 29th day of August 2019 at 7:00 pm UTC.
  • Only Foundation members are given this invitation and can only attend the meeting.
  • The main purpose of this AGM is to receive and accept the audited accounts for the financial year 2018.
  • Link to the conference call will be sent to this email 3 days before the AGM.

Global Team Updates

Welcome Our Newest Team Members

  • Adele Rom, Global Talent Advisor – 20 years in talent management and operations experience including the roles of Vice President of Human Resources for JP Morgan Chase & Co and Head of Talent for Riot Games. She is also an advisor for the high profile, PeopleTech Partners, an early stage advisory and investment group that leverages the insights of current People leaders operating in top tier businesses to accelerate the growth of companies in our portfolio.

Adele’s focus will be on shaping the Foundation team to be enterprise focused and high performers through HRIS implementation and Performance Management Systems and Processes.

  • Shelly Harris has joined the HR Team to help with global recruitment. Shelly has experience with Recruitment and HR in Professional services companies.
  • Ronica Hu has joined the Marketing team to help with social media support in China.
  • Jimmy Batifol-Oliverio has joined the Tech Team to provide support for wallets/supernodes.
  • Laura Angel has joined the Business Development team in Latin America to support Pedro as the interim Chief Revenue Officer LATAM Region.

Job Opportunities

We have opportunities to join the NEM Foundation team. The jobs can be found on our website link, or reach out to for more information.

Foundation in the News

  • Cointelegraph – Leadership article from President Alexandra Tinsman on what the next decade holds for crypto.
  • Token Economist– Alexandra Tinsman and Jeff McDonald discuss future blockchain strategies from the Foundation and Catapult at the Mijin Utilization Seminar in Tokyo.
  • Coindesk Japan – Alexandra Tinsman and Jeff McDonald share a deep dive of Catapult and the Foundation at the Mijin Utilization Seminar in Tokyo.
  • Crypto Watch Impress – At the Mijin Utilization Seminar on July 30th, Alexandra Tinsman and Jeff McDonald speak about Catapult.
  • Coinpost Japan – Alexandra Tinsman and Jeff McDonald talk about the NEM ecosystem and plans for Catapult
  • Top Blockchain 100 – LATTICE80 includes President Alexandra Tinsman in their top Blockchain 100 list, where they showcase 100 leaders in the global blockchain. community making their impact as startups, corporate, governments, or investors in the space.

Japan Community Update

  • Great progress continues happening on from the Japanese community. LINK (Big thanks to contributors Daoka and Planet)
  • Exciting article about Gifu University (ShizuiNet) using the NEM blockchain as a traceability solution for Dental Pulp Stem Cells. link
  • On-going website revamp for NEM Japan. Proposed website design:

Business Development Updates

Southeast Asia


  • We hosted a closed door Meet & Greet Lunch session with the ecosystem partners including Malaysian government agencies with NF President, Alex Tinsman and Council Member, Steve Li. The atmosphere was welcoming and our partners are positive with the launch of NEM’s next core engine, Catapult. More info and photos here.
  • Our Business Development Manager, Jesyka Hiu shared what Blockchain technology is about and how it is like to be working with a global tech company during “Study in Australia” Expo.

NEM Foundation August 2019 Update

NEM Foundation August 2019 Update

  • NEM inked partnership with Asia Blockchain Review as one of the official content contributors to share and promote Blockchain technology as a whole.
  • Join us at the Sabah IT Symposium 2019 on August 19-20 as we discuss the issues and challenges in the industry. Also witness our MoU signing ceremony with one of the most prominent public universities, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and a full day closed-door Blockchain workshop co-host by our ecosystem partner, Sabah Net.


  • Richard Tiu shared that Foundation has trained 20 universities and 267 lecturers so far in the Philippines and is on track to train ~5,000 students by 2020. A total of 800 new students started learning about NEM in September.
  • Check out the Train the Trainers session at iACADEMY held on August 5, 2019. The Elective Course will soon be implemented by iAcademy on their curriculum.
  • Marketing team representatives recently attended a Google 101 Learning Session. The 101 session covers the Top 3 Google Solutions (Search, Youtube & Display Network) and how to optimize strategies and digital advertisements.


  • Within the framework of the alliance with BIMTRAZER, the solution for the construction market was formally launched. The launch was made in Chile at EXPOBIM BIMTRAZER use BIM and NEM Technology, And this was reviewed by Cointelegraph.
  • Council member Pedro Gutierrez made a Podcast at Criptotendencias to talk about Catapult and the advances of the NEM Foundation.
  • Meeting con BAIOT solutions SI company in Medellin, to start face-to-face technical training about Catapult.
  • In Mexico, contact has been made with Arca Continental (Coca Cola bottling company) to evaluate the application of a proof of concept in the production processes. Laura Angel has contacted development agencies in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey to get meetings and offer alliances.
  • Laura Angel was interviewed in Cointelegraph informing the start of operations in Mexico.
  • Argentina: Meeting with the Notaries Association secretary Gustavo Boccolini. Subject: NEM Foundation participation in XXX International Congress of Notaries (November), Investigation of possibilities to implement Blockchain in Notary process and make a presentation in Notary monthly meeting.
  • Negotiation with La-Conexion Conference organizer to have NEM as honoured guests.
  • Preparation for Blockchain Summit Uruguay, keynote speaker: Catapult, speaker on panel discussion “Women in Blockchain”, speaker in panel discussion “Blockchain in modern media.”
  • Working with press: negotiation with “El Economista” about guest articles.


  • Council member Anton Bosenko attended an event as a panelist organised by the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and The State Finance Institution for Innovations. The main topic of the event is supporting startups ecosystem and synergy with blockchain technology. LINK

Get to Know the Foundation Series

Get to know the faces of the NEM Foundation leadership team in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. Each week we highlight a new team member that shares about their background and what they’re currently working on. So far the following profiles have been published with more to come so stay tuned!

RFP Portal Update

  • NEM Service Providers | New Contract Awarded for Japanese Translators

We’re delighted to announce the winner of the NEM SP Contract for English-Japanese Translators!

Congratulations to Opening Line for winning the bid. Read about the contract here.

  • RFP for Trezor integration into NEM Catapult wallet is launched.

We are excited to announce a new contract opportunity under NEM Service Provider! Request-for-Proposal (RFP) for Trezor integration with NEM Catapult is now open!

Open: 16th of August 12:00 AM UTC.

Close: 24th of August 12:00 AM UTC.

If you or your organization is interested, sign up now at bonfire.

How to register: here.

About NEM SP – here.

Latest Partnership Updates

  • Origins – completed its 3rd milestone in the NEM Community Fund.
  • HIT Foundation – the first healthcare blockchain built on NEM platform.
    • HIT Foundation is a decentralized platform that matches health information seekers with individuals. The individuals control their health data and get fair pay for its use while the value of health information is tokenized and converted into the future health currency (HIT Tokens).
    • HIT’s HI-Trust app has been completely redesigned. The new design will launch in September but you can already take a sneak peek: Click here.
    • HIT Foundation offers a 400 HIT signup bonus for the first 10,000 app users. Download HI-Trust to claim your tokens:
  • Geens. link.
  • Tech Bureau -to expand the reach of mijin #Catapult v.2 outside of Japan link.
  • ShizuiNet, a traceability solution in Japan for the supply chain in dental pulp stem cell research.
  • Crypto Millionaire Boardgame features NEM LINK.

Partner Highlight Series

Get to know our NEM projects in our ‘Partner Highlight’ series where we learn more about their story, what they are currently working on and why they chose the NEM Blockchain. So far we have published the following interviews with more to come so stay tuned!

Verified Exchange Series

Get to know what are the verified exchanges and wallets where you can buy, sell and store XEM in our ‘Verified Exchange’ series.

  • ALFAcashier’s mission is to make money available everywhere in the world and offer quality currency exchange services. It lets you instantly buy, sell or exchange XEM with other cryptocurrencies, USD or Euro! :point_right:
  • XEM holders will be able to manage XEM with Trezor devices using Magnum Wallet’s interface. Stay tuned for further updates. LINK

Core Devs on Social

As always, we enjoy hearing from the community and welcome constructive feedback. Join the conversations across our social networks, such as our Telegram channels link, our Facebook pages link, or our Twitter feeds link.

We look forward to more exciting updates to come, see you next month!

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