NEM in two summits in Dubai: World Government Summit 2018 and Blockchain for Islamic Banking and Finance

world government summit

Another big event is going to happen this February and it has been kept under the shadows for quite sometime. Only very few people knew about the event during the planning stage and this is the first time that we will be reporting about it to the community. The World Government Summit will be happening in Dubai on February 11–13, 2018.

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It is an invite only summit attended by world leaders. In the past editions, attendees and speakers list include big names such as H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai; Former US President, Hon. Barrack Obama; Former Bolivia President, Jorge Quiroga; President of the World Bank Group, H.E. Jim Yong Kim; Managing Director of International Monetary Fund Mrs. Christine Lagarde, Founder of Virgin group Sir Richard Branson. These are just a few of the big names that were previously involved with this summit and for this year’s edition, our President Lon Wong was invited to take part in the event. This puts NEM on a bigger stage along with worlwide policy makers and influencers.

On February 22, NEM co-sponsored an event called Blockchain for Islamic Banking and Finance. CEO at MiCai, Gregory Van den Bergh will be speaking in the event as a use case for NEM Blockchain. The event will also be attended by NEM Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Stephen Chia. The Blockchain For Islamic Banking & finance summit will explore how this technology wonderfully fits in with the needs of Islamic banking by creating a conducive platform for smart contracts and transactional transparency across the value chain. The summit also will focus on understanding opportunities and the way forward for blockchain technology and Islamic banking

More details of these two summits to come after each event.

World government summit

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