BIMTRAZER is using BIM and NEM Technology

The opening of ExpoBIM 2019 was held at the Autonomous University of Chile. This event brings together the most important public and private actors of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology in Chile, who came to advertise the latest innovations of their products.

Within this framework, the 2nd International ExpoBIM Seminar 2019 took place, which brought together a select group of experts in Engineering and Industry 4.0 to discuss the most recent advances related to BIM technology.

The engineer Pablo Romero, CEO of BIMTRAZER, presented the BIMTRAZER tool for remote control and civil works management. The most important cutting-edge technologies converge in this system: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Geomatics, Telemetry, BIM and Blockchain.

One of the most outstanding features of BIMTRAZER is the use of NEM Blockchain technology for the registration and traceability of the construction sequence, which gives an important value to the work in terms of transparency and auditability.

Romero highlighted the benefits of the NEM blockchain, considered one of the most robust distributed accounting (DLT) technologies today due to its speed, scalability and cryptographic security.


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The incorporation of NEM technology in construction processes, in combination with BIM, Artificial Intelligence and other developments, is one of the most impressive developments that have been presented at ExpoBIM 2019.

The NEM Foundation has signed a business agreement with BIMTRAZER, with which we can offer this solution worldwide, and we will be participating in the main construction business tradeshow “EXPOEDIFICA” in Santiago, Chile, on the dates of October 2-5.

The event took place on the 7th of August:


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