NEM Catapult Mobile Wallet Development Roadmap

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Hatio Innovations to develop the Catapult Mobile Wallet

Following the successful awarding of the first RFP contract, Hatio Innovations and NEM Foundation have released the Development Roadmap for the NEM Catapult Mobile Wallet. While the timeline below is 23 weeks, we aim for completion well before the full 23 weeks are completed.

We congratulate Hatio Innovations on their successful bid for the Development Contract of the Catapult Mobile Wallet. For a mock-up of the mobile wallet, please click here.

Document link can be found here.

Catapult Mobile Wallet
NEM Catapult Mobile Wallet
Catapult Mobile Wallet

Furthermore, check out the previous article where Hatio Innovations got awarded the contract to develop the NEM Catapult Wallet!

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