NEM SP Programme Announcement – First Contract Awarded

NEM SP Programme Announcement - First Contract Awarded

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Happy to announce the inaugural RFP of the NEM SP programe has been awarded, and development on the Mobile Catapult Wallet will commence. Document can be found here.

NEM SP Announcement – First Contract awarded to Hatio Innovations Private Ltd.

Project Name:

  • Catapult Mobile Wallet

Project Owner:

  • NEM Foundation

Project Description:

An easy-to-use, feature-rich mobile wallet is critical to the adoption and success of Catapult. This wallet will be designed to increase the usefulness of Catapult’s important features by making them more accessible to a broader audience.
This wallet will also represent the high quality and performance standards of NEM products, serving as the first NEM experience for many users. A highly usable and performant wallet will build confidence and loyalty in new users and potential business partners alike.

Bidding for the inaugural project began on April 10, and concluded, after many rounds of deliberations and reviews, on May 8th, 2019. In total, 12 interested companies signed up and submitted documentation to bid on the RFP. Of those 12, three were brought through to the final rounds for assessment.

The three finalists were:

  1. Eliptica S.A
  2. Hatio Innovations Private Limited
  3. He3Labs

These companies were evaluated on 8 separate criteriums such as price, financial statements, and audits by 3 different screening teams. Due Diligence Team, Tech Evaluation Team, and the Project Management Team. Out of a total of 330 points, the results are as follows:

  1. Hatio Innovations Private Limited 266.58 points
  2. Eliptica S.A. 223.83 points
  3. He3Labs 219.67 points

Total budget for the Catapult Mobile Wallet Development contract is as follows:

    Budget (USD)		Bid (USD)		    Savings (USD)
    $100,000			$75,000		        $25,000

Based on the scoring criteria, best lowest price, and interviews with the teams and management, Hatio Innovations Private Limited was the clear winner of the RFP contract. We congratulate Hatio Innovations Private Limited, and look forward to continuing updates on the development of the Catapult Mobile Wallet.

Thank you to all who participated.

With the awarding of the first tech RFP, Foundation is fulfilling its commitment to focus on tech and adoption of Catapult. Read about the winning bid here


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