IoDLT November Community Update

Hello NEM Community! Bader from IoDLT here, although its a few days into December, we still wanted to give an update on what we’ve been up to.

Since the last update, we’ve been deep in the development of our products, and are still actively developing our technology. This development will be (and is) going strong this December:

Tech Progress for IoDLT November 2019

  • A lot has been done on the IoT node side. We currently have a Linux distro that contains all dependencies of Catapult preinstalled. All nodes are running the Catapult release candidate (F2) with no issues.
  • A Catapult testing utility is being developed. It will be open sourced for the benefit of the community once its finished.
  • We’ve put together some useful install scripts to automatically download Catapult and its dependencies. This was open sourced.
  • We’ve setup several Ansible playbooks (Ansible is a server automation software) that completely configures, starts, and manages multiple Catapult nodes. This can be made into a GUI in the future as well. This enables us to control IoT nodes en masse quite easily with just a line in the terminal.
  • We would like to introduce the first iteration of our portable IoT node. This node is able to be both wall and battery powered, connect wireless, and carried in the palm of your hand. It also features a high performance, desktop grade SSD that stores the chain’s state. Testing on this node specifically will occur within the next couple of months. Our plan is to be able to integrate this into a seamless plug-in-play solution for any business. There is currently a slight bug with the power switch from battery to wall power mode where the node will restart, but we are currently coming up with a solution to rectify this issue. (Please note, all measurements shown in the pictures are in INCHES).

Portable IoT node that sports a battery, SSD, and Catapult node.

  • Axon is still in development, and expected to have a solid demo in the next month. We have a slimmer, more production ready version in the works. It will utilize many features of Catapult, and make use of several interesting mechanisms to facilitate ownership, access control, and data aggregation. We will cover all of these mechanisms more in depth once they have been completed. Below, you will find a more developed version of Axon hardware-wise. It features a Teensy 3.6 micro-controller, which is a very capable board that supports touch screen input, video and audio processing, an SD card slot for our blackbox solution, and multiple serial ports (useful for certain sensors, such as a fingerprint sensor). (Please note, all measurements shown in the pictures are in INCHES).

Early Axon module that utlizes a Teensy 3.6 and Raspberry Pi Zero._

Sales / Partnerships progress

  • We are currently in talks with several companies who wish to use Catapult, Axon, and our services.

Articles / PR

  • We released a new article: The Future Of Data – Swarm Learning, The Catapult Blockchain and Edge Computing. We are especially excited to have released this one, as it embodies many core concepts of IoDLT. It also explores how AI can be used with Catapult.
  • We are in the process of translating one of our existing articles into Japanese. We have already commissioned a translator to work on this. We look forward to the input and feedback from the NEM Japan community on this effort.
  • Two videos on Axon from Alexis from NEM Español – one in English, and one in Spanish.
  • We are happy to report that IoT For All published our articles, which provides some nice exposure for us as well as NEM / Catapult. Our latest one is currently pending publication.
  • We have completed our rebrand of our website, as well as migrated hosting to a more reliable provider (before was just in a private repo on Github). You may view it here.

In the coming months, we will focus on making sure that the core Axon technology is ready for market. Also, we will be fixing our IoT node’s hardware bugs. As our technology matures and passes testing, we look forward to demonstrating it to our clients.

We welcome any questions you may have.

Thank you very much for your time, and as always, we are very grateful for the support that NEM Ventures and the NEM Community has provided us.


IoDLT Team

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