Voting Module exclusively in Nanowallet release 1.4.3

We are happy to announce that the NEM voting module function is now available for use in the NEM main network.

Especially intensive testing had been conducted during the past weeks with the NEM testnet, having done several polls and votes to assure everything works as intended.

As a result it’s now possible to do flexibe polls on the NEM blockchain with the ease of use of a beautiful GUI from within the NanoWallet >1.4.3.

Download the newest Nanowallet here:

Voting Module 1

Overview for creating a poll inside the Voting Module.

For more information about the new feature please read the Medium post of the module developer Sergi:

Voting Module

Indeed, it is easy to imagine the range of usecases now

– the possibilities are endless –

To illustrate, what about voting for Condomenium Joint Management Board decisions? Or doing shareholders’ votings on the NEM Blockchain?

Following this the voting module easily serves as an immutable and everlasting proof of votes..

First Vote on the Voting Module ever on Mainnet

The NEM Community is voting the first time ever with the Voting module these days (26-31 July 2017) on the LuxTag Community Funding Proposal.

Poll Account of the first vote is: NBLR74466DKZBTSRAR5GQVOPWRAY6OFBGOYAFYHK

The previous Nanowallet version was 1.4.0.

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