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Crypto Launchpad provides certification for blockchain project’s through an independent due diligence process. For certified project’s they provide capital raising and listing services to their partner cryptocurrency exchanges. They also offer a full range of advisory services where they can help from creating a token to structuring the token economy and with their partner legal and capital institutions, bring a project to market in New Zealand and internationally.

Crypto Launchpad is revolutionising finance to unlock human potential. With their key values of People, Velocity and Valour, they are working to make an impact in the most exciting and transformative sector today.

Crypto Launchpad has three key service areas:

1. Due Diligence

They use their Token Assessment Framework to assess every aspect of an blockchain or token project. This assessment provides organisations with independently verified information to enable informed decision making on blockchain projects. This has 5 key areas they look at in depth with over 110 different tests they run.

Business– Analyses current operations and the ongoing viability of the organisation.
Financial– Analyses the current financial state of the organisation and the adequacy of internal financial planning.
Technology– Analyses the quality of the blockchain projects technology solution.
Security– Analyses the strength and quality of the blockchain projects security mechanisms.
Legal- Analyses the organisations compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

2. Advisory

They utilize their knowledge in the industry and their token assessment framework as a base template to help develop and build blockchain & token projects. This ranges from early stage projects pre-raise to companies that have raised and are looking for development and liquidity services. They help with:

  • Whitepaper (Review and write)
  • Token Economics
  • Marketing, Messaging & Growth
  • Technical Testing & Stability
  • Blockchain Strategy & Consulting
  • Legal, Regulatory and Tax

3. CLP Platform

They are currently building a blockchain which integrates into the existing financial infrastructure creating a financial blockchain layer which can be used by charities, crowdfunding and various other use cases to move capital instantaneously in a compliant and regulated manner with full transparency.

Crypto Launchpad are working with NEM to help filter projects for the community fund/venture capital fund that come via their channels, making recommendations and doing introductions to the teams. They are also supporting projects in the NEM Ecosystem that are looking for services that they offer. They are also helping to run events and meet ups alongside NEM in New Zealand.

“Crypto Launchpad is looking forward to continue working with NEM in finding wonderful projects to invest money, time and effort into as these entrepreneurs and ideas build the future we all want to see.”

For more info or to contact Crypto Launchpad you can find them at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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