Introducing the NEM Microwallet

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The NEM ecosystem has always been one of the most advanced of the Blockchain sector, its technology and community its some of the best an Open Source project could never had.

Besides that, NEM is still out of scope for some people, and one of the trending topics when asking about “Why aren’t you using NEM?” is always “I don’t even know how to download and start the NanoWallet”, with this kind of answers we can see that NEM is still not accessible for lots of people with very short technical background.

Because of this need, I asked some business oriented people which Blockchain did they prefer as a user (to transfer value between the Blockchain), and they mostly answered “Ethereum, is really easy to interact with it by using MyEtherWallet or Metamask”.

Then I realised NEM didn’t had a Chrome Extension Wallet yet, and this kind of wallets should be really good for the ecosystem and their architecture is really benefited by the NEM NIS Api features, so I decided to start coding one.

And the result of this little project is the NEM Microwallet, a Google Chrome Extension which can be downloaded and installed directly from the Chrome Webstore for free and with zero technical knowledge.

Nem Microwallet

The wallet is designed to focus on the usability and zero pain for a non-techie user, so its features are still simple. This wallet does not try to substitute the NanoWallet, only to make NEM accessible to more and gain adoption for the ecosystem, so when a more advanced user will want to use NEM will probably prefer the Nanowallet.

Right now, the Microwallet has the following features:

  • Creation, importing and exporting of Mainnet, Testnet and Mijin wallets.
  • Transaction creation and sending containing: Recipient, XEM Amount and Message.
  • Visualization of address and balance.
  • Visualization of outcoming, incoming and unconfirmed transactions.
  • Automatic refresh of balance and transactions.

Is planned to add the following features in a near future:

  • Add visualization of QR address
  • Add different wallet types
  • Add Multiwallet support
  • Add Multisignature accounts support
  • Add Mosaic transfer support
  • Add Mosaic tools
  • Add Alias Service support
  • Add harvesting info and tools

You can download the NEM Microwallet for free at:

The source code of the NEM Microwallet can be found at:

For any question or idea, feel free to contact me at @anrodon on Telegram.

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