Nanowallet 1.4.0 Released

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Nano Wallet Beta 1.4.0; Voting Module included!


  • Always make sure that you have your private key backed up before sending any funds to your account!
  • It is highly recommended to use the LATEST version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not fully supported and could lead to the loss of your XEM if private key not backed up. For now, use of these browsers is locking the application.

Download link:

This archive is certified using Apostille:
Apostille hash: 4e5459032c9d4526941903359777ca13fe3bcc8bc05551a972adda63f5cc0467a27cb605
Transaction hash: ca9d33f56e880cbd952f2ce4477f72e3789fc6b226604bfd02c2821963bb8a55
Sha256sum: 2c9d4526941903359777ca13fe3bcc8bc05551a972adda63f5cc0467a27cb605

Experimental chrome packaged apps:

If you have a Github account please report issues here: otherwise you can let a message in this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

To receive a bug bounty, issues must be made in Github and have the payout address included. Jabo38 will filter and reward the bug bounties.

Previous Nano Wallet version 1.3.12:–%20Apostille%20TX%20377bc4087146042402a8c25c9fbb0eedaedcc663ffec39825b554e735465ecf5%20–


  • Simple and mosaic transfers
  • Namespaces & mosaics
  • Create and edit multisignature contracts
  • Delegated harvesting & income chart
  • Plain & encrypted messaging
  • Apostille module
  • Transactions to alias (@namespace)
  • BIP32 accounts
  • NCC wallet support
  • Market information
  • Balance to BTC and USD
  • Changelly Instant Exchange module
  • Address book
  • Voting module (Testnet)

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