Starting NEM Bar: Vol. 1 – 8-min walking distance from Shibuya Station

Letter from Angoutarou for NEM

Long time no see. This is Angoutarou. How are you everyone? I am doing fine.

In fact, for about two months, I have been busy working on a project.

Anyhow, in these two months, Gesunokazu (aka @nishinokazu) was awaken to start YouTube videos by himself; Santarunu (aka @StArnouldnagoya) began an ICO based in Tokyo; Tech Beau
started new chapter with COMSA project.

Meanwhile, I was brainstorming as to what I could do to contribute in this Niche Crypto World.
As a result, for the first time ever in Japan, or probably anywhere else in the world, I am opening “NEM Bar” in Shibuya, Tokyo in coming December. It will be located within 8-minute walk distance from Shibuya station. Of course, payment will be processed via NEM. (At this point, still seeking options for an exact payment gateway.)

In the world of cryptocurrency, there still needs to be some trust. Therefore, I concluded that providing a place to share information on cryptocurrency would have a positive influence
within the real world.
Furthermore, considering that everyone is at work during the day, I settled to provide a “bar” as a peaceful space for sharing. Not only NEM community can get together, but also extended to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monacoin community. . . Anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency will be welcomed. Except if/when we find HYIP or MLM related sales activities at the bar, please understand they will be asked to leave.


「NEM bar」
〒150-0044 東京都渋谷区 円山町1-2UKフラッツビル3F

3F UK Building 1-2 Maruyama chou-Shibuyaku Tokyo, JAPAN

For two months, I had been looking for a spot in Shibuya or Roppongi where renovation will happen in the near future. A few days ago, I finally found a fitting spot within 8-minute walking distance from Shibuya station, right in front of Shibuya Tokyu Department.

I purchased the space right away; this is how it looks inside. (image inserted below)


Our target

Our aim is to provide an inviting space even for someone who are not so great at communication. Welcoming anyone who is just stopping by, who is looking for new business through NEM community, or who is wanting to connect with more people from NEM community. There will also be a dedicated monitor for a NEM pricing chart as well as NEM Bar Timeline at NEM Bar.

On a note, for the design of our signature signage, Trest (aka @TrendStream) will be designing for us. Although he usually does not take any design projects, he was being very generous for this one time. His design drafts are all very suiting, so currently we are in a process of selecting the very one; we will be pleased to announce it in the near future. In the coming up stories in this blog, we will be sharing future plans, progress, ICO of the NEM bar.

To be completely honest, I am personally a bit nervous for its potential impact on NEM community and also because of the amount of money that is involved with the project.

In the effort of not having Nikkei Newspaper have to write “NEM(bar) Closed” in the future, we will do our best at what we are planning to do; however, if there is anything that can be done differently, please let us know.
Thank you so much for your support.
See you soon.

Original Blog post written by Angoutarou (@angoutarou):

Translated by Nami Okuzono

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