Bankera: This Week’s Updates

In this blog post, we bring you the latest updates about the Bankera project. Since our last update, we have launched several exciting features which users can currently try at SpectroCoin.


First of all, we have launched IBAN’s for both: individuals and companies. Thus, just like in banks, clients can now make fast and secure transfers in the European Economic Area.

We have also launched cryptocurrency powered cards. Unlike the previous pre-paid debit cards that required the users to pre-fund their cards before POS/cashing-out, the debit cards are now linked directly to the user’s active cryptocurrency wallet at all times and allow spending and cashing out cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or Dash seamlessly in your everyday life. Currently, these cards are only available to customers who reside at the European territory, however, we are developing a worldwide solution for our clients.

At the moment, we are also focusing on being able to provide deposit, withdrawal and exchange services for XEM before the ICO, since we have many NEM supporters among Bankera investors and we want to enable BNK purchase with a variety of different methods for our investors’ convenience.

Since our last update, we have also welcomed seven new team members in the IT, marketing and support departments which will help us to prepare more efficiently for the upcoming ICO.

We know you are waiting for Bankera’s own debit cards and mobile app, which we are currently working on as well. In addition, as we have mentioned in our last update, we do not see the pre-ICO and ICO as just token sales: we want to develop a successful long-term project. Thus, we want to test all the new features we implement thoroughly before the ICO in order to ensure a smooth operation during our ICO. To match some of the development phase completion dates we have adjusted the ICO date. As a result, the ICO will take place at the end of November. The exact day will be announced by the end of next week in our official communication channels (please do not believe the news published in any unofficial channels).

During the ICO 7.5 Billion tokens will be available for sale at the price of 0.017 EUR per token with soft caps of 0.001 EUR after each billion tokens sold. The sale will take place on SpectroCoin, so we recommend registering and pre-funding your accounts before the ICO.

Our Q&A video will be delayed by a few days, due to some personal issues of the operator but we will bring more updates in the upcoming days. In the meantime, if you have additional questions you can contact us via live support chat or on our social media channels: Facebook, TwitterYouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Bankera’s official chat.

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