LuxTag powered by NEM exhibits at Startup Thailand 2017

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July 6-9 2017, Bangkok. LuxTag is proud to have been invited by MaGIC, the premier Malaysian Tech Startup Enabler under the Malaysian Ministry of Finance to represent Malaysia at this recent conference in the Sikirit National Convention Center in Bangkok.

Over a period of 4 days we presented actively LuxTag and NEM. In effect we generated not just a considerable amount of interest but were also able to collect many interesting contacts in Thailand and we are very interested to collaborate further on this foundation.

Today we are sharing a few impressions from the center of the action. And believe us, there was lots of the latter.

Startup Thailand

The LuxTag team at the Startup Thailand 2017 exhibition booth on July 8th

Jeff McDonald, CTO, and Co-Founder of LuxTag presents the workings of LuxTag. Here, in particular how a LuxTag-enabled manufacturer creates a dedicated asset account on the NEM Blockchain which represents the tokenized asset.

During the exhibition, we had the chance to pitch on stage, to meet numerous prospect partners for development and business, and furthermore, we recorded an explanatory demo video, too.

Consequently we didn’t miss the opportunity to introduce the NEM Blockchain Technology to the interested public either.

Startup Thailand

Furthermore we are happy to see that a handful of people who visited our booth had already heard, or interacted with NEM!

Finally we’re back now and continue our exciting startup journey in Malaysia again. The objective of regional expansion throughout Southeast Asia onto Japan and Korea is very important for us, while we at the same time we continue to stay focused on four fundamental topics on our table at the moment:

1. Fundraising
2. Development
3. Sales/Contracts
4. Networking

About LuxTag

LuxTag provides the first ever digitized certificates of authenticity for luxury consumer products (or machines, or vehicles, etc.) on a blockchain that are updatable, can have messages attached, and their conjoint ownership can be flexibly transferred.

Learn more about LuxTag at and find the project brief brochure at

Our project uses the NEM Blockchain Technology, which powers the mechanisms LuxTag leverages on.

About Startup Thailand

To continue support and advance the development of startups in Thailand, Ministry of Science and Technology, together with our alliance from government organizations, private entities, academic institutes and startup community, are now ready to present STARTUP THAILAND as a new “open platform” to enhance the capability of Thai startups and ASIAN counterparts. Startup Thailand 2017 is organized under the theme “STARTUP THAILAND, SCALE UP ASIA” to showcase Thailand and Asia as the world’s leading region for future growth.


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