NEM Foundation Update – January 2019 (Part II)

Dear community,

We would like to emphasise that every single one of you as part of the community play an important role in the progress of NEM Foundation. We exist to serve and support the community. With the new leadership, there will be a few changes which will put us on a more focused path. Below are a few highlights you can look forward to:

Strong focus on 3 key areas

For 2019, NEM Foundation will have a laser focus on Catapult, Governance and Sustainability. In the coming weeks, we will start to roll out strategies that will relate to these areas. The council has also agreed that every decision made during council meetings have a ‘community best interest’ policy. We are meeting twice a week since we came onboard and the decisions we are making have the best interest of the community in mind.

Also, we are still about 3 weeks into our roles as council members, we are working to ensure that we serve the community best but do be patient when it comes towards prioritising these 3 key areas towards the future direction of NEM.

A change in the NEM Foundation structure

We are going to have several changes with the NEM Foundation structure – we will have more focus on key priorities driven as a product-focused organisation.

The previous structure was based on a regional head model. The model worked since 2017 when NEM Foundation was tasked to function as a ‘promotional’ organisation – where effort was placed primarily on awareness, education and marketing.

Now in 2019, the direction will focus as a product-focused organisation. There will be key ‘product’ areas that will drive NEM Foundation forward which has been defined in these areas – Technology, Product Management, Finance, Business Development, Operations, Marketing and Revenue.

The regional head leadership will move to being the product-focused leaders as the operational layer who will work with the Executive Committee and Council Members in driving the strategic direction of NEM Foundation. The operational level will own the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and will be accountable to the council and community. If you have questions, do post it in the comments section.

Commitment towards high standards

We will be looking to put in place a number of policies which will help our employees clarify their roles and to provide transparency to the community. For example, we will be sharing an ethics and professional conduct policy so that our team should know what we should and should not do as a NEM Foundation employee. There will be more information provided in due time.

Finally, it is with our best intentions to see NEM Foundation start the year strong as we focus on Catapult Development, Governance and Sustainability. The best is yet to come and as we continue to work hand-in-hand with you as part of the community.

Best wishes,
NEM Secretariat Office
on behalf of the
NEM Executive Committee and Council Members

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