Introducing the Qchain Marketplace MVP Platform

Qchain Marketplace

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On December 27, 2018, after working hard even through Christmas here at Qchain, we released our marketplace MVP to the public. We’re thrilled to officially announce that we have a working product that currently allows advertisers and content creators to transact in XQC, our NEM-based tokens. The Qchain MVP is the first functional blockchain ad product that we are aware of — an accomplishment that we are very proud of.

The MVP can be found directly via our website, or directly at:

We hope that you’ll try it out. To send us your feedback and comments, please reach out to We’d love to hear from you.

Our next step as a company is to continue building and fine-tuning our product, taking input from our users, supporters, and partners into consideration. Ethereum-based EQC and PayPal transactions are forthcoming.

The Qchain team would like to thank all of our supporters for embarking on this journey with us thus far. The blockchain space is not an easy one to survive in — a fact that has been made evident by the dramatic market downturn. In spite of the setbacks, we’re determined to realize a useful platform that will make the lives of small content creators and advertisers easier. Stay tuned for further news to come about the next stages for the Qchain marketplace.

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