Record Setting Pizza Day in Ukraine led by NEM and Paytomat

May 22, 2018 marks the 8th year anniversary of the first known real world product purchase using bitcoins. Laszlo Hanyecz decided to offer bitcoins to anyone who can get him 2 boxes of pizza on the Bitcointalk forum. Another forum user who goes by the name “jercos” accepted the challenge and got paid 10,000 bitcoins for his delivery which was around 30 dollars at that time. Fast forward to the current year, the purchase costs around 80 million dollars at the current bitcoin price. The day is now immortalized as the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

In celebration of the event, the NEM Ukraine team together with Paytomat organized a pizza party event in an attempt to set a record of the most number of cryptocurrency transactions made in three hours. More than 300 blockchain enthusiasts came to Mister Cat Pizza in Kyiv and joined the event. Aside from other food and drinks ordered, more than 50 pizzas were served to the delightful crowd. Using the crypto payment system by Paytomat, customers were able to pay using bitcoin, XEM, ethereum, dash, litecoin and others. The store generated around $700 worth of transactions and 78.67% of the payment was made using XEMs. Other currencies are as follows: DASH 16.67%, ETH 2.66%, BTC 1.33% and WAVES 0.67%.

pizza day

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The amazing feat was recorded in the National Ukrainian Register of Records. Indeed it was a night filled with fun, games, food and entertainment and it was a huge success that it earned a news spot on national TV.

This shows a bright future ahead for cryptocurrency as it displays its ability for practical use. Great initiative coming from NEM team in Ukraine contributing to the history books of blockchain and crypto.

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