KGB: Krypto Football introduces a NEM stable coin


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We are releasing a big feature on Krypto Football with the introduction of “KGB”, our in game NEM stable coin.

Firstly, I want to come back on 2 points that drive the introduction of this stable coin.

1) when we started to develop our game the Nem coin “XEM” was around 10cts and it is now at 5cts (- 50%) which impact the game card values…. and we can’t say where it can go.

2) We are also introducing soon “in game Credits” (KG Bucks) and Fiat payment (with solutions available in 138 countries) for the coming new season to onboard the Football fans who have no yet Crypto. The Stable coin is built principally to answer the points above.

In other words we are making game credits (like the Fortnite Bucks) manageable in the blockchain (using the NEM blockchain) to make transactions more transparent and trackable.

How KGB (Kryptosports Game Bucks) works?

Kryptosports Game Bucks is pegged on the USD => 1KGB = 0.1$

The game card values that were shown in XEM are now automatically converted in KGB (based on the XEM value during the transfer day)

The rewards will be now distributed in KGB

The KGB will be convertible to crypto via the crypto wallet(s) you have unlocked in the game.

New players will be able to buy in Game credits via Fiat payment and these credits will be transferred to their KGB wallet

The in Game credits (KGB) can be used (like crypto) to participate to cards auctions, tokens exchange and to acquire a Battle pass for the (coming) new Battle season.

See you in the Game!

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