FullBlock Solutions: The former NEM Europe Team establishes blockchain consultancy firm

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The former NEM Europe Team establishes “FullBlock Solutions”

NEM Europe/NEM Labs was closed due to the refusal of our proposal by the core team to bring access and adoption to NEM technology. Our team continues to see huge potential in the technology itself, and we’ve pivoted the “NEM Labs” proposal into FullBlock Solutions: an agnostic tech company providing products and services to give businesses easy access to blockchain.

We have a “full package” of established skills and a huge amount of collective experience, both before and during our time working together. These are just a couple of reasons we are moving forward as a team.

We very much enjoy working together, and our skills complement each other’s really well, but most importantly, we will stay together because we believe blockchain is in its infancy (Blockchain spend in the US is US$ 1.6B in 2018 and is expected to reach US$ 41.1B in 2025), and our approach will bring great value to companies and blockchain.

What happened?

After months-long talks with core developers, we went through the community POI vote. We received overwhelming support throughout the voting process, along with a massive 98.79% YES votes, and a POI of almost 5%, an all-time high since the original vote to create a foundation.

We sincerely thank those who took the time to go through our detailed, lean proposal and the community who voted for us for your amazing support!

The 8 co-sigs decided not to fund us for the publicly stated reasons which are still hard to understand for us. For each of the 5 given reasons, there are multiple proper, rock-solid explanations, and they were ignored – but that’s in the past, it is what it is, and we prefer to talk about our bright future.

What is FullBlock Solutions doing?

We have identified a huge gap between businesses and blockchain technology. Based on our expertise gained throughout the years in the business of Solution Architecture, Development & Training, as well as running a Security Token Working Group, we have defined our first basic offerings:

  • Training & Workshops
    • Understand Blockchain and understand the potential across various industries
    • Blockchain Use Case Ideation
    • PoC Prototyping
    • Development Training for (Software) Companies
  • Consultancy
    • Do you really need Blockchain?
    • Business Model Generation
    • Solution Architecture for building on blockchain
    • Security Tokens
  • Co-delivery of high value/impact blockchain projects

What is our goal?

We will focus on value-adding, customised workshops, consultancy and co-delivery of projects with businesses to increase blockchain adoption. Currently, the NEM protocol is our blockchain of choice to build solutions.

Throughout the voting, both the foundation and our team suggested we would work together, and that will unfold, perhaps, in the future. We are capable of training around 100 software development companies by the end of 2020 if there is interest from NEM Foundation.

Check out our website regularly and reach out to us with any kind of business inquiry (mail us at info@fullblock.solutions) whether you are looking for support with evaluating blockchain potential, integrating blockchain into your business or your token offering, and deep technical training for building on the blockchain.

Best wishes,
FullBlock Solutions Team

Website: https://fullblock.solutions
Twitter: @FollowFullBlock
Telegram: @FullBlock

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