Update: Empleos.io Blockchain Jobs Marketplace Platform is LIVE


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Empleos.io is finally live. We did it. Without raising a single penny from the ICO market.

It took us less than 4 months from concept to development to launch.

How did we do it?

With our own bootstrap capital. And with an incredibly hard working development team.

Many ICOs have raised millions of dollars but nothing to show in return. But we on the other hand built a fully functional NEM Blockchain based HR Jobs Marketplace platform with limited capital and resources.

Empleos.io Platform Launched

We consider this launch as the Phase 1 launch of our platform. But it comes with many amazing features that helps support both the Employers and Job searching Candidates.

So what’s in this version of the platform for our users?

  1. Employers and Candidates can create profiles with a custom token wallet.
  2. All transactions will use our custom PLEO token as value exchange.
  3. All transactions are recorded in the NEM Blockchain.
  4. Employers can subscribe to Basic and Premium Subscription plan.

5. Candidates can search job postings and apply for a job.

6. Employers can search for candidates with specific skills and access their profile paying with our tokens.

7. Both Employers and Candidates can favorite each other.

8. Users can transfer tokens to their personal wallet

All these features can be accessed by going to the live site URL at https://www.empleos.io

For a limited time we are offering free PLEO tokens for any employers who will sign on to our platform.

Now let’s talk about the future. What’s in store for us next?

Phase 2

We plan to launch Phase 2 of our platform in Q1 of 2019. Here are the features we planned to include in this phase.

  1. AI Driven Recommendation engine (You like candidate X and you might also like candidate Y)
  2. Send weekly emails to Employers/Candidates
  3. Integration with Ticketing system on Support Page
  4. Support for multiple languages —Spanish and Russian
  5. Freelance and Gig economy
  6. Calendar scheduling for interviews
  7. Time and Invoice integration
  8. 2FA SMS verification for new user registration
  9. Machine Learning to screen and filter resumes/profiles

NEM Blockchain Code

If you are interested in reviewing our NEM Blockchain code feel free to check our repo on Github:


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