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Consensus means a general agreement about matters, a dynamic process of achieving union or compromise in a group. Unlike voting that settles thing by just favoring the majority while neglecting the minority, consensus makes sure that the agreement could benefit the entire group. Consensus, by definition, may sound idealistic. But idealistic as it may be, technology has found its way to make it a reality.

Consensus mechanisms and protocols are at the center of the blockchain technology. Evidently, in the recent years, many blockchain platforms have sprung up introducing various consensus mechanisms and protocols.

Last May 14–16 2018, there is a different kind of consensus that transpired in New York: Consensus 2018. It is an annual blockchain technology summit, an avenue where new innovations and applications of the blockchain were highlighted. CoinDesk, the leading platform for blockchain news, organized Consensus, now on its fourth consecutive year. With the plethora of new players in the blockchain and digital economy, Consensus 2018 is an important event for the world to know of one thing — that blockchain is the future.

NEM Team in Consensus 2018

Part of this significant event is Foundation. Being the best smart-asset platform that it is, NEM showcased some of its top products and projects that are innovated with NEM. Representatives from TechBureau, Asta, He3Labs, LoyalCoin, Verses, Zeus Exchange, PeerStream, Kchain, Digital2Go, GoBlock and Luxtag, featured by NEM, utilized an entire floor of the Sutton Space Pavillon. The presence of these NEM partners is reflective of how NEM is able to provide the necessary platform for innovative solutions that can be developed and implemented in various sectors.

This is further complemented by NEM’s release of Catapult. With nearly three years of development, testing, and enhancements, Catapult is now ready to provide a more functional platform that can be used to address the dynamic demands of enterprises in any industry sector.

NEM Pavilion in Consensus 2018 was full-packed

Kristof Van de Reck, Foundation’s interim President is spot on in describing what Catapult can bring to enterprises that are and will be adopting blockchain technology.

“Fueled by Catapult, NEM is the Swiss Army knife for enterprises adopting blockchain technology… Its powerful suite of components, combined with ease of use and implementation, will accelerate enterprise blockchain adoption to serve the needs of the biggest technology businesses in the world, whether for electronic money systems, user authentication, land and property registration, logistics tracking, food traceability, or numerous other uses.”

With NEM being in Consensus 2018, more and more people will know about what NEM, its products, and its partners can offer to the world — new solutions for old and future needs.

Indeed, there was consensus in Consensus 2018. Blockchain technology will be the future and will change the way the world does things. This future is what NEM is building today.

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Day 1 — NEM at Consensus 2018

Day 2— NEM at Consensus 2018

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