NEM Foundation, Tutellus, and Cryptonomos Join Forces To Transform Global Education


Right to left: Albert Castellana (Council Member of NEM Foundation), Oleg Poskotin (CEO Cryptonomos), Miguel Solana (Tutellus investor & advisor), Eddy Travia (CEO Coinsilium & Tutellus advisor).

New York, May 29, 2018 — Tutellus, the decentralized platform that pays users for learning, will use the NEM blockchain to revolutionize education incentives and transform the way that students and teachers access, provide, and engage with learning.

The collaboration between Tutellus, Cryptonomos, and the NEM Foundation was made at the leading blockchain conference, Consensus 2018, in New York City. The Tutellus platform has thus far been used by over a million students. By shifting their business to a token driven ecosystem on the NEM blockchain, Tutellus aims to change the incentive structure of education, which has traditionally focused on long-term rewards and minimal short-term incentive, with the efforts of students generally taking years to bear fruit. On the Tutellus blockchain, teachers and students will earn tokens immediately for accomplishing course related goals and achievements.

Tutellus will transition on to the NEM blockchain with the help of leading ICO platform Cryptonomos, who will accept NEM tokens (and other cryptos) in exchange for the TUT token. Leading representatives of Tutellus, the NEM Foundation, and Cryptonomos discussed the exciting advantages of this partnership.

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“We are grateful for the support from the NEM Foundation, Cryptonomos, and Coinsilium; we are building a new decentralized platform to transform education and training forever and solve the pains the sector has. Learning and teaching will never be the same again.” — Miguel Solana, Tutellus Investor, and Advisor.

“Tutellus is an inspiring platform for lots of reasons: they’re already one of the strongest players in the digital education market and their vision for the future is very compelling. Projects that use blockchain technology in new and innovative ways like Tutellus are the ones that the NEM Foundation find most exciting.” — Albert Castellana, Council Member, NEM Foundation.

“This is an innovative blockchain project. It isn’t about trying to cut out financial middlemen or improve logistic supply chains — it’s about transforming the way that people relate to their education. These are the potentially world-changing sorts of projects that we love.” — Oleg Poskotin, CEO, Cryptonomos.

Advantages of the NEM platform:

“Our dual token structure is based on a token that measures the user’s relevance in the network [STUT] and another one that provides access to the platform [TUT]. The different characteristics of each token and the need to ensure transaction scalability together with seamless integration between a private and public blockchain made NEM the perfect blockchain infrastructure to work with. So far the highly-advanced platform and the support received from the NEM Foundation has been essential to Tutellus. We expect this to continue to be so in the future.” — Miguel Caballero, CEO, Tutellus.

“We’re pleased to be integrating the NEM token into the Cryptonomos marketplace. It’s one of the most exciting blockchains, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that.” — Oleg Poskotin, CEO, Cryptonomos.

Regarding Cryptonomos:

“Cryptonomos is one of the leading figures in the ICO space, and we’re confident that this platform will flourish.” — Albert Castellana, Council Member, NEM Foundation.

“Our partnership with Cryptonomos to carry out the ICO has been fundamental for the development of the project. Cryptonomos understood from day one the project’s vision and since then has been a major pillar of the project. Vision, commitment, and speed of execution are essential elements for any successful project, and we believe Cryptonomos delivers the three.” — Miguel Caballero, CEO, Tutellus.

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