Disrupting the Daily Commute

Daily Commute

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An increase in population levels throughout many of Australia’s capital cities has seen the daily commuting market struggle to adjust with the congestion levels.

We have all experienced long traffic delays throughout our morning commute to work, or have had to take multiple forms of public transport to arrive late to university as there has been an incident slowing the train. These issues are ever more relevant with city planning struggling to find solutions to help ease the commute.

Mobi is a carpooling application that is designed to connect drivers whether they are traveling to work, university or their desired location with passengers commuting the same way. This allows drivers to offset their costs of parking, tolls and fuel consumption and provides riders the ability to commute to work in a car for a similar price as public transport.

Facilitating commuters between their desired locations is an innovative way to disrupt an established system, which has experienced difficulties due to an increasing demand for vehicles on our roads and the public transport sector. Creating innovative methods to help solve large issues is a useful tool within the world we operate today. Blockchain has also been useful in solving large ranges of these tasks that many assumed were unsolvable problems.

NEM has provided their community with a broad range of unique abilities that many start ups have seen the use for. Allowing users to pay with XEM and to build their platform on a decentralized network has been a revolutionary feature for many young entrepreneurs.

Mobi intends to build their platform on the NEM blockchain and have listed their reasons as to why this will help to dictate their success in previous articles (please see attached below).

Future projects are looking to integrate their ideas onto platforms such as NEM in their early stages of development. With an active community of members who share a wealth of knowledge and are eager to help start-ups succeed, NEM has truly provided an ability to disrupt many industries and to help change established elements of our day-to-day life.

Decreasing the commuters on our roads and off the already strained public transport network and instead allowing them to carpool in a neighbors or colleague’s vehicle will help to solve the daily commuting struggle. This is all powered through the NEM blockchain, which is helping Mobi to solve a growing issue within an unforeseeable market.

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