NEM Foundation Update: June 2019

NEM Foundation update: June 2019, join the discussion in the NEM Forum!

Dear community,

We’ve been keeping busy this month as we work towards the impending Catapult launch this Fall. Here’s the latest progress made by the NEM Foundation.


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NEM Foundation Roadmap and Catapult Update June 2019

As the launch of Catapult inches closer towards, we are pleased to provide a few updates:

  • The Catapult Developer Center is being developed. It contains tools and a knowledge base, including tutorials, documentation, and sample apps to get started with Catapult.
  • The Javascript/Typescript and Java SDKs is being updated and 3 more SDKs will be released in alpha stages including PHP, Python, and Unity. These SDKs will be the core SDKs that will enable powerful apps to be built on Catapult.
  • Updates are being made to integrate Catapult compatibility into Ledger and Trezor standards (though NEM cannot control when they enable service on the Ledger and Trezor side).
  • There is currently a testnet on Cow and an upgrade to Dragon is expected soon. This includes an experimental wallet, faucet, and tutorial. There will be an announcement about this soon. Testnet Link:
  • We announced that Hatio is developing our mobile wallet which will be ready in time for the Catapult. The mobile wallet provides an easy to use interface for anybody to send and receive mosaics on NEM Catapult.
  • We have assigned a team to work on the Catapult Desktop Wallet that is being integrated as a browser extension and will be packaged into a native desktop wallet when it is ready. This project is important as it will permit more extensive integrations of the Catapult technology for our clients.

For more information on the Catapult Roadmap by NEM Foundation, see here.

There is also a Developers series of interviews on YouTube by Alexis Trujillo which is called Catapult: Behind the Code. Find the first interview with NEM Foundation Head Developer Greg Savie here.

Revenue for NEM Foundation

We are pleased to announce that NEM Foundation has brought in revenue this quarter of $18,000 USD through consulting & advisory work along with system integrator certification and training by NEM Blockchain Centre in Malaysia. This model will be replicated for global adoption, with this increased adoption the revenue is expected to increase over time. As we further develop consulting best practices and training materials, we aim to deliver this across the world to increase NEM’s footprint and reach globally in preparation for Catapult launch this year.

Officially it was the launch of the first official NEM certification course for developers in partnership with Tutellus (the biggest Spanish edtech platform). This complete and online course is aimed at anyone who wants to train in Blockchain -and specifically in NEM Catapult technology- at a professional level, encompassing both business and development areas.

We have established an agreement with Tutellus, which allows us to obtain a percentage of each course sold.

So far the NEM Foundation teams have secured $600,000 USD in annualized revenue through partnerships, training, and certification. For perspective, there was little to no revenue in 2018.

Interview Process Continues in Search of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Leadership Team

The Foundation has been active in the interview process with potential CTO candidates to lead the matrix organization between Foundation and the newly announced NEM Studios.

We also recently posted new job openings for a Global Marketing Director link and Chief Revenue Officer link Please help us spread the word.

Q1 Operations Executive Summary

Please note that the Foundation will release this Executive Summary by the end of June/early July.

Japan Market Strategy Exploration

In order to further increase adoption of NEM at the Enterprise Level and expand awareness of the NEM platform, a multifaceted comprehensive strategy is being researched with potential independent firms specializing in the Japan market.

We are also testing out new Japanese translation firms including Far East Consulting. We are actively looking for independent translation consultants. Please submit resumes to

NEM Blockchain Center Updates

Malaysia Tech Week

  • As part of the inaugural city-wide Malaysia Tech Week’s ecosystem partners, NEM Malaysia had been appointed to host a Blockchain Track to discuss and showcase the possibilities, regulations and use cases of the technology.
  • A gathering of over 1,000 tech companies & startups, regulators, entrepreneurs, enablers, corporates and SME players in the region to share and join in discussions on how to further the digital scene in Malaysia.

Group photo with the team, panelists and our official media partner, Infinity Blockchain Ventures & Asia Blockchain Review after Malaysia Tech Week’s Blockchain Track.

NEM X MDEC Partnership

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is piloting a work visa programme for tech freelancers to work in Malaysia short term, to fulfil a demand for blockchain capable talents, and has chosen NEM as its blockchain partner.

MDEC will work with the NEM Foundation and with Estonian cross-border job marketplace Jobbatical.

  • In this partnership,NEM would define the talents needed, Jobbatical would supply them, and Immigration would help in approving the qualified talent by providing them the PVP while MDEC would help to facilitate the whole process.

UCSI University Training

  • A private university in Malaysia, UCSI University (UCSI) has done their Train-the-Trainers session with our Technical Trainer, Ivy Fung after inking their partnership with NEM end of last year.


Higher Education Engagements

Group photo with First City University College (FCUC) Director, Y Bhg Prof Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Teo Chiang Liang, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Mak Chai, Chief Operating Officer, Ms Yeong Yin Cheng and Faculty Dean of Engineering & Computing, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christine Lee after representative Jesyka Hiu’s keynote speech during their 8thInnovation Day.

Speaking engagement with University Sains Malaysia, Penang to share and discuss the potential of Blockchain technology and its use cases in this part of the world by representative, Jesyka Hiu.

NEM was invited as the official Blockchain Technology educator for University of Southampton Malaysia’s IET On Campus hackathon. NEM Business Development Director, Andy Roy Sian sees potential in students and encourages them to continue learning and exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology.

MHub Partnership

The people powered property platform, MHub inks partnership with NEM to drive Blockchain adoption in the real estate industry value chain to speed up and simplify processes as well as to create seamless buying experience for all buyers.

Group photo with MHub co-founders, Quek Wee Siong and Jason Ding, MHub Business Development Director, Victor Chua, NEM Business Development Director, Leroy Mah, NEM Business Development representative, Jesyka Hiu and NEM Foundation Council Member, Jeff McDonald after our official signing ceremony.

NEM Malaysia CEO Jasmine Ng Bids Farewell

NEM Foundation would like to give our most sincere thanks to Jasmine Ng, Director of SEA. She is moving on to lead a fintech company, which is a dream of hers, and we wish her all the best in her new role! She has been instrumental in leading the Malaysian team through a tough period and turning things around to achieve incredible growth and sustainability in the region. Not only has she been a champion for women in tech but her passion for diversity and inclusion has helped others rise up and achieve tremendous growth. Some highlights of the work the Malaysian team have achieved include:

  • Generating over $360k (USD) in revenue from customers, consultants and system integrators with further revenue channels being developed with the Malaysian government.
  • Only blockchain company to be featured in the Fintech display by the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara) at the Malaysian museum
  • Building an online training curriculum to help educate the community on the NEM Blockchain/ Catapult
  • Rebuilding strong partnerships

Jasmine, Jason, and Alexandra did a recap and farewell video that can be found at this link.

Jasmine’s role will not be replaced as she has prepared and empowered the entire Malaysian team to step up and take on more responsibility to continue the amazing work in Malaysia. Jason Lee and Laura Takenaka have been appointed as Directors of NEM Malaysia to ensure continuity and stability. These roles are non-remunerated

We thank Jasmine for all her hard work and contribution to the success of both the NEM Foundation and the NEM Blockchain Centre in Malaysia!

Exchange, Wallet, and Partnership Updates

Zeux Exchange

NEM holders can soon spend XEM at all stores via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay using Zeux!

Read more here

About Zeux here

KuCoin Exchange

NEM gets listed on KuCoin! Full story here.

Raccoon Wallet

With its clean and intuitive design, Raccoon Wallet has gained a lot of attention from the NEM community. See it for yourself. Download the app now! :calling: Raccoon Wallet (

Atomic Wallet

Great news! We’re pleased to announce that NEM is now listed on Atomic Wallet. Secure and transfer XEM using their super handy mobile app! Download now :calling: Atomic Wallet here.

Paytomat Wallet

Paytomat Wallet ( supports XEM and NEM Mosaics. Now you can find Paytomat Wallet on website. Download here.

TheVault Foundation

TheVault link aims to eliminate cyber criminals from the Crypto Network with NEM Foundation Partnership! Read the full story here.

Summary of activities in May/June 2019

Interview with The Crypto Lark and Alex Tinsman

Alexandra Tinsman, President of the Foundation, gave an interview to The Crypto Lark.

Discussion on change in leadership, the release of Catapult, as well as the elevation of NEM to a new level. Check out the full interview here.

CryptoChicks Hackathon

Alex Tinsman , NEM Foundation President, presented at the CryptoChicks – International Hub for Women Talent in Blockchain hackathon in Toronto from May 31 to June 2.

Dave Hodgson of Nem Ventures was at the event. More info here.

BLOCKTVnews with Kristof Van de Reck

Blockchain Chairman for European Union Kristof Van de Reck speaking on #BLOCKTVnews about the implications of latest European Central Bank report on cryptoassets for the EU economy, explaining the consequences for the Blockchain industry.

Check out the full interview: European Central Bank Says That Crypto Is Not A Threat link

PrivatBank’s 24mm online magazine interview with Anton Bosenko

Here’s an interview with NEM Council Member Anton Bosenko by 24mm, the online magazine of PrivatBank (biggest bank in Ukraine) with the topic “Is bitcoin alive? Cryptocurrency market after the crash.”

:ru:Russian link | :ukraine:Ukrainian link

NEM Blockchain Elective Course

NEM Foundation Philippines , led by Richard Tiu, Strategic Alliance and Partnership Director, assisted by Ivy Fung, Technical Trainer, recently continued their mission of training universities how to utilize blockchain technology. Full story here: link

Upcoming events

NEM Foundation Council Member, Jeff McDonald, is representing the Foundation at the invite-only V20 Summit on June 28-29, 2019 in Japan. The V20 is a critical two-day industry summit for the world’s leading Virtual Asset Service Provider’s (VASPS’), held in parallel to the G20 Leaders Summit in Osaka, Japan, with representation from leading digital asset exchanges including key domestic industry representative bodies and guests from the FATF.

Catch NEM Foundation Council Member Jeff McDonald at the 2nd annual Asia Blockchain Summit on July 2-3, 2019 at the Taipei Marriott Hotel. Use promo code “JEFF.M@ABS” to get a discount on your ticket. Reserve your seats now! ASIA BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2019 (

Don’t miss NEM Foundation Council Member Pedro E. Gutierrez Q. who will be part of # BSLMEX2019?? on July 4th and 5th in Mexico City, talking about Catapult link.


Check out the previous Foundation update for May 2019!

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