KSports Lab announces the launch of its Blockchain game platform with a first football (soccer) game “KS Football”

KS Football is reinventing the Collectible Sport Cards experience in a game that enables the cards to be interactive and source of earnings. Join the game June 08. Registration is free and easy.


KSports Lab

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HONG KONG – June 16, 2019PRLog — There are several key principles that drive KS Football. First, the game aims to provide a really fun experience to football fans while reinventing the collectible sport cards experience using Blockchain to make the game cards interactive, unique tokenized digital artwork and source of earnings.

Second, the team behind the game wants to provide a frictionless experience to players removing the usual pain of onboarding blockchain games. KS Football offers a simple game access removing the need to install complex crypto bridges.

Third, the game aims to make collectible cards exciting again, linking them to a Blockchain contract and offering a way to both buy them in weekly auctions and buy or sell part of them via the trade of their attached tokens. The game also enables to use cards in battles which are based on card counterpart games in real leagues.

A simple and exciting gameplay for a great entertainment

The game is based on auctions, trades and battles. Players are invited to build a portfolio of cards which are unique artworks from illustrators, attached to a blockchain contract and tokens. Each card is an illustration of a team or a player and is linked to the counterpart performances in real league games. Players earn rewards based on the performance of the counterparts during the football season.

Players can develop their portfolio buying cards in the weekly auctions, trading card tokens in the game exchange or earning cards during giveaway sessions. They can also acquire special cards from a “top players” list or from the “Office of Legends”. These special cards provide power for the Battles. Players can challenge other cards holders in Battle engaging cards tokens.

The battles are based on the card counterparts’ live games and enable players to earn opponent card tokens and game points to rank well on the leaderboard while earning fun and collector rewards.

A unique balancing experience for Football and Crypto fans

KS Football relies on a unique balancing act by maintaining a solid experience for the crypto fans who can play with their favorite currencies and earn more of them while being also easy to play for the hundreds of millions Football fans with no yet crypto who can play and share the same experience using game credits

“Our vision for the game platform created special challenges for addressing the needs of the different communities of players targeted.” Said Frederic Saurat one of the KSL founders. He added “Working on the NEM Blockchain enabled us to develop the gameplay off chain while managing on chain both the assets and the game transactions, using a stable coin.

We have also built a strategic transactions system that let gamers play with the major Crypto such as BTC, ETH, XEM, BNB, TRX or with Fiat using secure solutions available in 138+ countries. KS Football is definitively built for mass adoption”

KS Football Launch roadmap

The team has launched a private beta during the season 2018/19 introducing step by step 5 of the major football leagues cards available in weekly auctions. The cards are illustrated by talented young artists. The feedback was very positive and the value of cards regularly increased during the private beta season to reach +1000%.
For the new season 2019/20 “Public Season 01” several new features will be introduced during the pre-season (July 2019) such as the card tokens Trading, the cards Battle challenges and Fiat solutions to buy game credits and participate to the game.

Some strategic partners will be disclosed soon. In the coming months, the team project to launch several new local leagues in collaboration with local partners. During the same period new sports will be released, with the same gameplay by KSports Lab, under the KS Game platform.

ABOUT KSports Lab

Founded in 2018, KSports lab “KSL” is the creator of the KS Game platform and KS Football, the game pilot. KSL technology brings blockchain benefits to PC and mobile games while providing a new exciting experience to collectible cards fans. The company has built and continue to develop blockchain solutions for tokenized assets auction and trading, multi currencies (crypto and fiat) payments, tokenization of game credits, management of digital collectible assets via a stable coin and other tools which will structure the future of online games.

Fred Saurat

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