CryptoHeroes Project Relaunch!

Crypto Heroes Project Relaunch!

Join the discussion about the CryptoHeroes Project!

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the CryptoHeroes Project! CryptoHeroes is a NEM blockchain-based charity project that the community supported last year and with the hard work of our team, we have re-launched our brand new website!

CryptoHeroes’ mission is to help raise funds through cryptocurrency donations for different philanthropic initiatives such as the Dacha Oncology Center and to demonstrate how blockchain technology can be used to bring trust, transparency and traceability to the not-for-profit sector.

CryptoHeroes was founded by Anton Bosenko (NEM Foundation Council Member) after he discovered how fraudulent the not-for-profit sector was and that something needed to be done. After seeing the potential of blockchain technology to help bring trust and transparency to the sector, Anton set out on creating a charity project built on honesty and trust. Using the NEM blockchain, donors can track transactions and ensure the funding goes to the right place with documents being certified on the immutable blockchain.

Sofiyka adventures

One of our projects was creating a children’s book called Sofiyka and Wondermoney, an educational initiative that helps children become more financially literate. It is also useful for adults who want to learn more about cryptocurrency and how it works.

You can obtain a hard copy of the book in English or Ukrainian for free in Japan, Malaysia, Australia, China, UAE and Ukraine.
Please contact the following people in your region via telegram:
Malaysia- NEM Blockchain Centre, @sobana93
Japan – Ryo Sasaki, @ryo1sasa
Ukraine – Anton Bosenko @antonbsnko
Australia – Jian Chan, @JianChan
UAE – Dona Rinon, @dajx29
China – Steve Li, @SteveLi09 (Wechat ID lishigeng09)

You can also get a link to an e-copy in English, Japanese and Ukrainian by donating any amount to the project. The link will be sent via an encrypted message with the charity:cryptohero mosaic.

The first edition was funded by Anton with the proceeds going to fund the second edition. The target for the funding will be $3000 in XEM equivalent with the deadline ending on 30 November 2019. If the target is not reached then all the collected XEMs will be converted in UAH via a local exchange and donated to one of the projects at Ukrainian Philanthropic Market. However if the target is reached then $3000 will be spent on publishing the second edition with any surplus funds donated to one of the projects at Ukrainian Philanthropic Market.

We invite the community to participate in the project, provide any feedback and welcome anyone who wants to translate the book to other languages. Donate and become a hero!



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