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We are very proud to announce that you can now get NEM blockchain certification on the Tutellus edtech platform. Currently in Spanish only, we hope to have an English offering soon.

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NEM Foundation’s Edtech Pilot Launches on Tutellus

NEM Catapult certification course is now available on Tutellus, the leading decentralised and collaborative edtech platform that pays students for learning

Singapore — June 11, 2019 —Tutellus, a leading online educational and collaborative platform with 1.6 million users in more than 160 countries and the largest in the Spanish-speaking world, has announced the launch of its edtech pilot to train NEM developers.

The course — titled ‘Official NEM Catapult Certification’ which is currently available in Spanish with an English version due to be rolled out in the future — will be the first official online certification available on NEM Catapult. NEM Catapult is a full-featured blockchain engine with the ability to power both private and public networks with its unique smart contract plug-ins. These plug-ins enable bulletproof digital asset creation, decentralised swaps, advanced account systems, and business logic modeling.

Commenting on the training course pilot, Alex Tinsman, President of the NEM Foundation, said: “Our NEM Catapult course is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of NEM technology and our powerful system for customising your use of the blockchain. Rather than have developers write their own “smart contract” code from scratch or use off-blockchain methods of defining custom assets for a business, NEM gives developers direct API access to a specialised set of tested and secure on-blockchain features.”

The course, priced at US$300, includes unlimited access to NEM Business and Development modules, with new modules to be added continually after services and new functionalities are tested by the core developer team. With the support of an anchor grant valued at US$15,000 by the NEM Foundation, the first 100 students to sign up will be able to avail of the course for just US$150.

Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus, commented: “With Tutellus having transitioned onto the NEM blockchain in 2017 due to its superior speed, scalability, customisation capabilities, and API-centred connectivity and JS libraries, it made sense for us to also offer a NEM developer training course on our platform. With the support of the Tutellus core Dev Team and the NEM Foundation, students will be able to increase their knowledge of NEM and better understand its unparalleled ability to build an incredible variety of real-world application uses.”

“Education is fundamental, especially as the world of work as we know it faces a tremendous paradigm shift. With as many as 375 million workers — or approximately 14 percent of the international workforce — due to be affected by digitisation, automation and emerging technologies, there is a pressing need for companies to invest in the upskilling of their workforce in order to secure a competitive advantage in their respective industries. This is where Tutellus comes in: they are redefining the status quo in education by rewarding students for learning and teachers for creating meaningful impact in their students’ academic lives, providing an oft-missing key ingredient in lifelong learning: consistent motivation,” Tinsman concluded.

To find out more about the Official NEM Catapult Certification and to sign up, visit https://2tel.us/2EVQ9GK.

Alex Tinsman, President of the NEM Foundation, and Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus, are available for interview.

About NEM Foundation
The NEM Foundation, an organisation registered in Singapore, aims to introduce, educate, and promote the use of the NEM blockchain technology platform on an international scale to all industries and institutions. This includes highlighting how NEM is higher performance, more customisable, easier to develop on, and more secure than other blockchain solutions — by design.

For more information, visit https://nem.io

About Tutellus
Founded in 2013, Tutellus is a leading online educational and collaborative platform with 1.6 million users in 160 countries, and is the largest in the Spanish-speaking world. With more than 5,000 teachers, 80 partnerships with universities and business schools for the distribution of unique content, including a comprehensive database with 150,000 video courses, Tutellus is funded by venture capital funds such as Seed Syndicates, Civeta and GinVC.

For more information, visit https://tutellus.io

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