NEM Foundation Technology Department Update – November 2019

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Welcome back to the NEM Foundation Technology Department Update! We are pleased to share with you some of the ongoing discussions and updates in the technology department team.

Contributions Period: October 2019

update November 2019

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October Tech Update

  • Core devs released a new version of Catapult, codenamed Fushicho 2. The update comes with an optimization of binary transaction layouts to maximize alignment of fields, an added transactionHash for aggregate transactions with merkle hash of embedded transactions and a few bug fixes as reported on Github.
  • NEM Foundation is maintaining multiple test networks for Catapult. We have executed a network reset and are planning on more tests during this month, notably some with public test networks. Stay tuned!
  • The NEM Developer Center is constantly being updated to integrate latest Catapult features. Find out what has been worked on by our Technical Writers.
  • A new version of the Command Line Interface for Catapult is now available (nem2-cliv0.13.4) with an update of the SDK and added persistent delegation request command.
  • The Block/Network Explorer (Super Explorer Framework) project has seen many contributions over the course of October and is now running on pair with the NEM Foundation Testnet for Catapult.
  • The Desktop Wallet project has also seen many contributions and the team is currently working on latest protocol compatibility to match our upcoming Testnet upgrade.
  • The Mobile Wallet project is moving along with new features such as a dashboard for pending transactions.

Protocol Updates

The Catapult Fushicho 2 release – which is the first release candidate for Catapult (RC) – introduces optimizations for serialization in re-aligning transaction binary layouts.

This latest update comes with a few breaking changes as for example aggregate transactions now include a merkle hash of embedded transaction hashes for the generation of which a merkle hash builder is needed. Also, the realignment of fields comes in as a breaking change as it changes the order of fields when they appear in transaction payloads.

Another notable change that dropped with this release is the fact that transactions now always include a network type field, separate from the version field.

With this release, more bugs have also been fixed with following closed GitHub Issues:

It is now time for the NEM Foundation Technology Department and other entities to catch up with core devs again! Client applications should not be affected too much along the way as we are currently maintaining different networks to permit backwards compatibility.

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NEM Foundation Experimental Testnet

NEM Foundation Technology Department maintains multiple networks online. The currently available test network is still experimental and reseted everytime there is a new milestone release.

In parallel to the Testnet, NEM Foundation members have been working on beta version of client applications that can be used on the test network, as found in the following list:

We are currently working on a public test network that we will hopefully have running in the next couple weeks. With client applications a little bit behind on fushicho-2 compatibility, we are currently in a situation where no client applications can be used for the public test network, yet.

This is the reason why we have not published more information on a public test network. We are actively working on a resolution to create our public test network and let everyone work with it as soon as possible.

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NEM Developer Center

The NEM Developer Center is the place to learn about Catapult features. NEM Foundation Technology Department members are working on the documentation and technical guides for Catapult on a daily basis.

Guides and documentation that have been added over the course of October include, but are not limited to:

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Command Line Interface & Software Development Kits

A new version of the Command Line Interface for Catapult is now available (nem2-cliv0.13.4) with the latest software development kit being used and added support for multiple signature schemas (SHA3 and Keccak).

Also, the guys over at NEM Studios have been doing sprints to catch up with latest Catapult Fushicho 2 release. In fact, they are working on a new version of the Software Development Kits and of the REST gateway. Source code can be reviewed at GitHub.

These projects and their source code are managed under the NEMTech Community Project Management Committee.

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Block Explorer Project Update

The Block Explorer can now be used to monitor and read blockchain data available on the test network.

NEM Foundation members have been working on features add ons including:

  • Added network wide transactions list
  • Added block listing component with reactive user interface
  • Added transaction details component with recognition of transaction bodies
  • Added network wide accounts rich list
  • Added network wide namespaces list
  • Added network wide mosaics list

As we speak, the team is working on feature addons for the Block Explorer to display information about harvesting and harvested blocks and updates can be expected during the month of November!

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Desktop Wallet Project Update

NEM Foundation members have been working on a beta version of the Desktop Wallet which is compatible with Catapult Fushicho 1 milestone and currently being upgraded to Catapult Fushicho 2 milestone.

Some of the latest ongoing work includes:

  • Modified network type to only keep one kind of network type in an account.
  • Completed first draft of Delegating Harvesting features.
  • Added web component to open block explorer for transaction hash discovery.
  • Applied latest updates of nem2-qr-library and nem2-hd-wallets packages.
  • Modified mnemonic system to be compatible with mobile app.

Moreover, our team is now working to integrate changes from the newly available Catapult Fushicho 2 release. You can expect a compatible release during the course of this month!

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Mobile Wallet Project Update

NEM Foundation has been working with Hatio to provide with a Mobile Wallet application that is compatible with Android and iOS. The project has seen some contributions over the course of October and updates are to be expected during the month of November.

The mobile wallet project will provide with basic transactional and account managerial functionalities such as:

  • Fixes with the import of Mnemonic QR Codes
  • Research done on compatibility of BIP39 derivation with nem2-hd-wallets resulting in successfully achieved cross-client compatibility.
  • Custom node switch available in Settings.
  • Logout feature and security with PIN-style pass code.

More features are being added to the mobile wallet as we speak. We are collaborating with Hatio and coordinating on a weekly basis to push forward this client application that will bring Catapult features onto your Mobile!

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Working Group for Public Release Migration

NEM Foundation has contributed to the migration committee discussions and process recommendations by executing tests for the recommended opt-in migration process.

Moreover, during the past month, the migration committee has released iterations of community updates that you can find on our Forum:

More details will be released with the community in an attempt to be more transparent about the delivered recommendations for the migration and the execution plan for the migration.

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October has been a month to focus on client applications, on setting up test networks, on initiating test efforts and on discussions and recommendations for the upcoming public network migration of Catapult. The NEM Foundation Technology Department will be giving updates on these topics, also during December.

Thank you for reading our NEM Foundation Technology Department monthly update.

We would love to read your feedback in the comments section below!

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