LuxTag powered by NEM Blockchain presents at Premier Regional Blockchain Event BLOKTEX 2017

CEO and founder of LuxTag Rene Bernard speaks (and the world listens)

The feedback has been gorgeous. I skipped lunch after the 11am talk. The attendees were interviewing me non-stop, asking for details and exchanging contact info at our exhibitor booth until after 3pm.

The audience was engaged by using the on-stage Q&A until the last minute of my speaking slot, too. I am particularly grateful for the positive feedback from (blockchain) technology newbies who congratulated me saying that they had understood well what I was saying, I had spoken their language and introduced the concept of Blockchain — Fintech — Non-Fintech to them nicely.


The BlokTex Malaysia Conference & Exhibition was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 8–9 April 2017. I had the pleasure to be the first speaker after the opening keynote. I was invited to talk about “Blockchain’s Non-Fintech Applications & Visions” and present LuxTag as one of the pioneer projects in that field.

See our logo? We have to admit; we’re a bit proud ?

We received inquiries about our technology from several key industry players. At the moment we’re finding our path whether to partner up with one of the established companies in the Brand Protection & Customer Engagement business, to do more in-house Sales & Marketing, or to do a healthy mix of both.

Today I am sharing some visual impressions from the conference and want to thank the organizers of BloxTex, our friends from MiGHT Malaysia and the NEM Blockchain community for the ongoing support with our journey.


“MiGHT and Bloktex to jointly develop Malaysian blockchain industry”
The Sun Daily 10.April.2017]

About LuxTag

LuxTag provides the first ever digitized certificates of authenticity for luxury consumer products (or machines, or vehicles, etc.) on a blockchain that are updatable, can have messages attached, and their conjoint ownership can be flexibly transferred.

Learn more about LuxTag at and find the project brief brochure at
Our project uses the NEM Blockchain Technology, which powers the mechanisms LuxTag leverages on.

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