ICT Spring 2017

On may 9th Kristof Van de Reck got the opportunity to speak at ICT Spring 2017 about ‘Protecting privacy data with NEM blockchain technology’.

ICT Spring is a two day event held at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg City with a focus on fintech and space technology. With over 100 speakers, 5000 attendees and visitors from over 72 countries it was clearly an event that brings together a variety of people interested in the latest trends in digital innovation and space technology.

Kristof Van de Reck

Amongst several other topics, Blockchain had a strong presence on the agenda, which started with Blockchain for Finance; where one of the noticeable keynote speakers was Xavier Bettel , the prime minister of Luxembourg.

In his speech he clearly emphasised Luxembourg’s focus on digital innovation.

xavier bettel

The afternoon blockchain schedule was packed with interesting presentations about Blockchain cross industry. One of these was Kristof’s talk that gave a 15 minute introduction on NEM technology and how it can be used to protect privacy data on- and off-chain.

The presentation was well-liked by the public, partly because of the current update of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will take effect on May 25, 2018.

It was interesting to meet with a variety of people focussed on blockchain and fintech, and lots of good connections were made.

About ICT

ICT Spring is a Global Tech Conference hosting an array of International Professionals. This event offers the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their Digital Knowledge, capture the Value of the fast-growing FinTech Industry, and explore the impact of Space Technologies on Terrestrial Businesses, through exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest Tech Trends and Innovations. ICT Spring is also the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners.


Website: http://www.ictspring.com/

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