Second Filipino NEM Meetup in Lucena utilizes Apostille

The second Filipino NEM Meetup was held on Saturday, August 19th from 12 o’clock noon to 5pm in the City of Lucena, 4 hours drive from Manila. This event was fully packed with information about the Cryptoverse.

Filipino NEM

The NEM Philippine team, Emerson Fonseca, Karla Monica Benevidez and Kits Amores

Additionally, it was a great success in demonstrating the abilities of the NEM Blockchain through Apostille.

The event organizers of NEM Philippines asked the participants to register their Email address at which, after their attendance at the event, a mail was sent including the Apostilled certificate of attendance.

Filipino NEMFilipino NEM

The guests were sent to where they could verify for themselves that their document was legit.

In conclusion this enabled the guests to see at first hand how the NEM blockchain can serve as a notary and auditor, all in one, to verify the authenticity.

Filipino NEM

NEM Philippines “Certificate of Attendance”


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