Commencement of development project for RakuE online medical solutions using ​mijin Catapult v.2

TOKYO – November 7, 2019 – ​ Today Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp., a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company, HealthCareGate Inc. announced they have commenced work on development project RakuE for constructing online medical solutions using the next-generation blockchain construction platform ​mijin Catapult (v.2)​, which was released in June this year.

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Currently, many problems are evident in the environment surrounding medical care in Japan. Against the backdrop of a super-aging society, medical expenses are skyrocketing and the separation of pharmacies and medical clinics as a result of out-of-hospital prescriptions, which was initially launched as a control measure, has resulted in increased burden on patients and unresolved financial pressure — additionally, the expertise of doctors and pharmacists is not being displayed to its fullest potential in community medicine.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced its commitment to ensuring that citizens are able to receive medical care and nursing care with peace of mind, and has allocated a budget of 32,035.1 billion yen — the largest ever — to strengthen the foundation of social security across generations with a view toward the coming era of 100-year lifespans.

This is not simply for the purpose of reducing medical expenses, for which there have been clamorous cries in the past, but is rather a clear statement of a reform-oriented stance to appropriately provide the necessary expenses to promote public health.

By making currently hidden aspects more visible to medical providers, we will break through to an era where it will be easier than ever to think about constructing appropriate medical systems and reducing costs.

At present, as restrictions on online medical treatment by physicians have been lifted and restrictions on online medication guidance by pharmacists are also in the process of being lifted, in addition to electronic verification of the qualifications of medical professionals and the handling of prescriptions, verifying the identity of patients is becoming a major issue.

In light of this situation, HealthCareGate has launched a project to develop the RakuE online medical solution, which aims to make medical care more visualized and to reduce the burden on both patients and healthcare professionals, thus reforming the working environment of healthcare professionals.

Through our participation in this project, Tech Bureau Holdings is dedicated to resolving issues such as secondary preventive support for the currently working generation suffering from chronic diseases and problems stemming from multi drug use or residual drug use for patients receiving treatment from multiple medical departments.

In the future, to promote sharing of drug information between medical institutions and pharmacies as well as encourage collaboration between doctors and pharmacists, we will move a head with developing a electronic prescription management solution.

We are aiming for experimental verification within the current fiscal year and social implementation in the next fiscal year, in coordination with related ministries, local governments, related professional organizations, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Objective Utilizing the characteristics of blockchain — prevention of data tampering, excellent fault tolerance and availability, achieving automation and transparency of transactions — at the same time as protecting personal information linked to prescriptions, by recording and managing medical records, pharmaceutical history, pharmaceutical distribution channels, residual drug confirmation, medication advice given by pharmacists, and so on.

We contribute to prevention of excessive prescriptions and overlapping administration of drugs, etc., as well as promoting evidence-based health, reducing medical expenses, and improving the technical expertise and working environments of doctors and pharmacists.

 Upon commencing this project​​

At present, the Health Japan 21 Campaign is underway in Japan to raise awareness and encourage initiatives for the health of all citizens. It is absolutely essential that each and every citizen manages his or her own health information personally, and to achieve this, it is crucial that this can be managed online. This project represents a grand vision for contributing to the promotion of public health in Japan.

As the first step, we plan to provide RakuE as a innovative solution in the field of online medical care(from consultation to dispensation of medication).

Since RakuE represents an integrated, consistent process (using a tablet terminal, etc.) enabling users to receive medication in accordance with medical instructions at a dispensing pharmacy, after first undergoing medical examination and receiving a prescription at a hospital, this system makes it easy for those who find it difficult to visit hospitals for some reason to continue with treatment without neglecting their illness.

We hope that RakuE will serve as a measure to promote secondary prevention based on early treatment, helping to extend healthy life expectancy for all. HealthCareGate Inc. CEO Hirofumi Yasuda



About HealthCareGate Inc.​ (​​)

HealthCareGate is a next-generation pharmaceutical wholesale distributor committed to building an environment that enables provision of high-quality, efficient medical care and is respectful of actual real-world users. Although it is a pharmaceutical wholesaler, it does not specialize solely in pharmaceuticals, but also offers various medical services and medical information.

HealthCareGate aims to create a safe, secure system for providing services based on information sharing and visualization via the Internet, using the RakuE online medical solution, which continues to evolve in response to the opinions of patients and healthcare professionals who actually use it. In collaboration with numerous electronic service providers, we are also dedicated to improving interoperability while seeking to construct medical services tailored to the needs of the regions where they are used.

 Company Profile

・Company name: HealthCareGate Inc.

・Location: 2-100-6 Sengen-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

・CEO: Hirofumi Yasuda・Established: June 17, 2019

About ​mijin

“​mijin​” is a software supports to create private blockchain environments that can be used inside and/or outside of corporates on the cloud and/or in an in-house data center. It can dramatically reduce costs by replacing conventional databases or accounting systems while contributing to higher security in which prevents from falsification.

Additionally, it can be used to implement an environment with practically zero downtime. “​mijin​” is a general-purpose private blockchain product which uses the “NEM protocol” that is developed together with the “NEM” core developers.

As a joint development, not only limiting to financial institutions, but it can be also implemented for electronic money, verification system, registration system, and logistics tracking.

About Tech Bureau Holdings, Group

Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp., fintech and cryptocurrency group companies in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, develop software and services for cryptocurrency technology and blockchain technology, a so-called “Crypto-FintechLab”. As a team and as a group, we have developed mijin, a private blockchain software. Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp. recently launched a one-stop solution, COMSA, which provides companies with consultation, expertise, and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implementations of blockchain technology into their businesses.

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The NEMFoundation Ltd Foundation is registered in Singapore, operating globally. It was launched to promote NEM’s blockchain technology worldwide. It is one of the most well-funded and successful blockchain technology projects in the cryptocurrency industry. For more information, please visit: Foundation – ​

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