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Civil works and infrastructure management based on BIM (Building Information Management) through AI and Symbol blockchain.


Bimtrazer uses AI to analyse the progress of complex property developments and to identify opportunities to spot and manage variance from project plan, save money and to create efficiencies wherever possible. With so many moving parts in the development process, Bimtrazer needed a tracking and predictive solution to help their clients have visibility on progress and accurately forward plan for all eventualities in the next stages.


Bimtrazer uses traceability via data snapshots to tokenise every material used in a complex design and build project, allowing property investors the ability to track exactly what stage the project is at and how much material is being used and will be required.

This unique approach is based on SB2 technology – a computational methodology that performs the detection of incidents and predicts their future impact. SB2 stands for Serialisation of Building Sequence Blocks and consists of atomizing the model for construction into coded blocks and establishing dependencies according to their sequence. These blocks are serialized and synchronised to the project schedule.

Data snapshots allow project progress to be mapped and tracked on a daily basis and, through photographic records which cannot be changed, ensure the immutability of those records. Messages and updates are sent regularly to developers, across different platforms.

Each stage of the construction process will be tokenised, ensuring ‘levels of completeness’ but also creating a token or security which can be used to finance the next stage of development. This allows for fractional ownership as well as the ability to buy off plan – helping to de-risk the investment for developers for such large, complex projects.

Each stage of the construction process will be tokenised, ensuring ‘levels of coBimtrazer is using Symbol private chain for BIM (Building Information Management) as it recognises that Symbol from NEM is the safest mechanism to guarantee the integrity of work progress records. Bimtrazer is ready to migrate to Symbol public chain for tokenisation.

Bimtrazer won a Tech Innovation award in LATAM and has engaged clients across Latin America (Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Peru) as well as Europe and the Middle East.


We are innovating the way in which construction progress is measured, processed and stored. With BIM, AI and Blockchain we are able to discover what traditional methodology cannot: Dynamically know when to act and what to prioritize, ensure traceability of data and at the same time turn it into intelligent assets thanks to Symbol from NEM.

Why do we use Symbol? Symbol has important characteristics that we do not find in other Blockchains: Speed, metadata management, multilevel multi-signature transactions, atomic exchanges between chains, creation and organization of mosaics on hierarchical structures and above all an extreme flexibility of integration with different programming languages. This is why Symbol covers the expectations of Bimtrazer not only in the present, but also for future plans.

Pablo Eduardo Romero, CTO

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