Unibright Partners with Lufthansa, Microsoft, and NEM to Build a Bridge Between Different Industries

Unibright, a unified framework for blockchain-based business integration, has partnered with Lufthansa, Microsoft, and NEM. 

Making Blockchain Easy

Three months after Unibright reached its hardcap in only 10 days, the company has been making newsworthy partnerships left and right — all of which will bring real use-cases to the project.

First appeared on Bitcoinist

Being a team of developers with 20+ years of experience in business integration, Unibright seems to know how to address common key problems of any company when it comes to new technology, especially in terms of Blockchain.

Unibright stands out as an attractive offering for businesses because, instead of taking a generic approach, it offers a specific technical solution while also raising awareness and understanding among those who will continue to use the technology in the future.

With its approach, Unibright has proven itself attractive to:

  • tech giants who want to get consumption to their infrastructure build for blockchain nodes,
  • consulting companies searching for solutions to show their customers a way into blockchain technology,
  • enterprises looking for a future-proof solution to find a start in blockchain technology,
  • blockchain companies offering platforms and protocols and looking for clients of the “real world”.

To bridge these different businesses, Unibright co-hosts public events with its partners: Microsoft, Zühlke and Lufthansa. On top, an active partnering with high-quality blockchain protocols (like NEM in August 2018) supports the success chances of all participants.

Marten Jung, CEO from Unibright, states:

Nowadays most companies have a strong interest in Blockchain technology, but struggle to use it. That is why we created the Unibright framework. It’s an easy-to-use, non-techie approach for companies to integrate state-of-the-art blockchain technology into existing business and IT system landscapes.

Unibright offers strong blockchain credentials for those looking to implement business-relevant protocols by offering a unified framework that sets new standards in blockchain adoption. The approach has been referred to as a “no-coding-needed” approach, which allows companies to focus on running their businesses.

We like the “non-coding” approach of Unibright. It’s a great opportunity to really “get your feet wet” with blockchain for business. We often see blockchain only used as a buzzword, but prefer to make real use of it, Dr. Jörg Liebe from Lufthansa adds.

Solutions for Everyone

While skilled blockchain and smart contract developers are rare and expensive, most of them are specialized in one specific protocol that may not matter tomorrow anymore. Errors in smart contracts have far-reaching consequences, thereby companies don’t want to back the wrong horse. Given that challenges, it’s understandable that 99 percent of all existing IT systems within enterprises don’t use or connect to any blockchain yet. Unibright wants to change that.

The Unibright framework takes care of the entire life-cycle of a business process, including its definition, planning, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and integration. This holistic approach allows companies to focus solely on the advantages of blockchain technology for their own business without having to delve too deep into the subject matter. With Unibright’s framework at hand companies do not have to fear troubled waters of blockchain anymore but benefit from a new technology where it really makes sense, the team explains.

With Unibright’s framework readily available to business all over the world, expect to see it implemented everywhere user-friendly blockchain makes sense.

Listing on QRYPTOS

From August 14, Unibright’s utility token is listed on QRYPTOS exchange.

For the first 100 new QRYPTOS account that are KYC-approved and hold at least 100 UBT, QASH tokens worth 10 USD will be granted for free in the middle of September. This is applicable to accounts created before 14 of September using the following link:

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