THEblockchain Interview with Jeff McDonald V.P. of NEM Foundation

Exclusive Interview from THEblockchain with Jeff McDonald

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List of the interviewers questions:

We sat down with Jeff McDonald, Vice President of NEM Foundation at our Seoul office for an interview.

1. How was the NEM blockchain platform conceptualized? How and where did it all start?
2. Would you like to give us updates on the ongoing work on ‘Catapult’?
3. What make NEM different from other platforms?
4. NEM is currently the fifth most valued cryptocurrency (XEM) by market cap. Would you like to comment on it?
5. More recently, Foundation announced plans to set up a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange platform for XEM. What were the reasons behind this decision?
6. Foundation, in collaboration with Blockchain Global, plans to open a Blockchain Center Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this month. Has the date been finalized? What will be the key focus areas?
7. Foundation plans to spend around $40 million in the next year to fund its global expansion programs. What are the countries that you plan to expand to initially?
8. Can you tell us a little about Kchain ( and what’s its mission in South Korea?
9. What other global announcements can we expect from you this year?

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