Tech Bureau offers mijin® to power Japan’s premier real estate hub, LIFULL HOME’S

Japan’s #1 real estate website LIFULL ※ chooses the mijin blockchain for centralizing real estate information and perfecting a one-stop solution for customers.


Lifull homes

Tokyo, Japan – August 8th, 2017: LIFULL Co., Ltd. and Tech Bureau today announced that Japan’s #1 real estate website “LIFULL HOME’S” will collaborate on a proof of concept to utilize the mijin blockchain (a NEM protocol blockchain) as the backbone of its services. The blockchain experiment will aim to centralize real estate information, secure transaction data management and prove mijin’s ability to drastically cut development costs while expediting deployment of new website services.


LIFULL HOME’S website,, is a comprehensive hub offering real estate and rental listings, renovation and repair services, investment property offerings, housing evaluation and moving services. Due to the expansive website categories, LIFULL HOME’S pages are updated, on average, 100,000,000 times a year.


By utilizing blockchain technology, LIFULL HOME’S will be able to organize and collocate scattered data sets and enhance HOME’S abilities to track listing changes, offer relevant housing evaluation data, catalog house histories, certify repair work and securely exchange data sets with business partners.


The proof of concept will be built on the mijin blockchain. Mijin is an ideal solution for companies to store and build out transaction records on a pure peer-to-peer private blockchain network that has no single point of failure and zero downtime. Secure encryption, user authentication and notarization of data are an ideal fit towards LIFULL HOME’S goal of connecting with local government entities to offer complete and certified real estate information.


The first stage will tackle scattered data sets that are typically collected only upon user request. By scraping advertisement history, repair and renovation ledgers, housing performance evaluations, and area information including empty homes into mijin, LIFULL HOME’S will centralize information on a single, sharable blockchain ledger and test fault tolerances in the website build-out.


Future stages of the LIFULL HOME’S mijin blockchain will involve the application programming interface functionality and ease of use as LIFULL business partners are invited into the blockchain. LIFULL will look to connect national and local government registers, tax ledgers and individual tax number systems into the blockchain with a view towards eliminating underutilization of real estate data.


※ According to a SANKEI Advertising Inc. survey, LIFULL HOME’S website has the largest total number of properties in all Japan as of January 26th, 2017.


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