Techbureau to demonstrate Mijin to big Electronic Power Company in Japan

From Apptimes translated by Nami Okuzono


During July 3rd to 28th, it is said that Japanese based technology company Tech bureau Corp has joined a private demonstration conference, which met in Chubu Electric Power Company in order to showcase blockchain technology mijin.

In this demonstration, it aimed to gain more support and understanding of blockchain technology mijin and business model itself in the energy field especially with Chubu Electric Power Company.

In the past years, many of Japanese corporations have succeeded to utilize blockchain technology in various fields. If and when Chubu Electric Company can step forward in utilizing blockchain technology, they will become the pioneer of energy field industry collaborating blockchain technology in Japan. Although it is true that its technology and complexity of blockchain are unfamiliar with many Japanese people, in hopes of serving Japanese citizens, blockchain technology is expected to be studied and progressed in these coming efforts.

Mijin is a private blockchain technology provided and maintained by Tech bureau Corp. Main advanced features of mijin include its high security known also as unmodifiable and undeletable blackchain, and its encrypted user access. In the use of mijin, developing applications and a peer to peer network can be done cost-efficiently.

It is also known that the core development team of NEM has been a part of development of mijin. To today, 300 companies have partnered with mijin, and they will likely expand in the near future.
In the case of Chubu Electric Power Company partnering with mijin from TechBureau, it is likely they will make a large impact on XEM community as well. At this point, 1XEM is 0.27 USD, which is marking 14% higher rate than the previous day.
Although crypto currency has further growth and progress to make, this demonstration made its impression of blockchain and what’s beyond it.

(Original Source in Japanese)


Writer in Japanese: Masanori Tanida

Translated by Nami Okuzono

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