Showcasing NEM Blockchain at Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida

Team members of NEM Europe were invited by Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida to participate at the Blockchain Autumn School 2018 at University of Applied Sciences Mittweida from September 10th till September 14th. One of NEM Europe’s Solutions Architects, Istvan Deak gave a theoretical introduction to NEM Blockchain and showcased the ease of development through a practical prototyping workshop session. One highlight of the Autumn Blockchain week was the Blockchain Meetup Saxony where NEM Blockchain and potential use cases were further introduced to a wider audience from Leipzig & Dresden.

NEM Solutions Architect Istvan Deak

Showcasing NEM Blockchain at Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida:

The week-long event included more than 35 theoretical and practical sessions on Distributed Ledger Technologies and related topics. It was targeted at both Blockchain newcomers with little or no knowledge about DLT, and in parallel sessions for the more advanced people who are already familiar with Blockchain. NEM was largely introduced to the advanced target group consisting of representatives of consulting companies, corporate users, and students. NEM explained in detail its Blockchain Technology and differences compared to other Blockchains. The audience was particularly interested in the added value for companies through the hybrid approach of utilizing existing business logic off-chain and purely the execution of it on-chain (Connect existing systems with NEM Blockchain) through existing built-in features like „Configurable Assets“, „Multisignature Accounts“ and „Aggregated Transactions“ which enable atomic swaps among multiple parties at the same time.

Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida

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The most interesting discussions circled around Blockchain Applications and were presented and discussed throughout the week in roundtables, late night discussions and the final idea competition.

The University of Applied Sciences Mittweida is one of the leading universities in Blockchain Education in Europe. The autumn Blockchain week has already been the third in a week-long series of events. In this regard, it‘s a unique offering throughout Europe. Additionally, a new Blockchain master program starts this autumn, and the university, in conjunction with its local partners the City of Mittweida and the Volksbank Mittweida eG, has applied for “WIR! — Transformation through innovation in the region” which is a funding programme of the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The initiative aims to develop Mittweida into a Blockchain Showcase Region and is currently working on first ideas like distribution of payments for regional fire department services, notarizations and incentives for volunteers.


Blockchain Meetup Saxony is a very active meetup group organizing a Blockchain meetup every month since 2016 and introducing different DLT projects in depth. Their vision is to enhance the tech know-how and connect Industry, Blockchain enthusiasts & developers and enable discussions among them.

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