New Website has launched

The new NEM site, which launched on the 25th of August and is built in partnership with iCentric and Nakima Solutions, manages to simplify topics and technical matters that are sometimes complex and shows them in a clear and visible way to enterprise companies, interested non-tech visitors, as well as professional developers.

The website was designed with better clarity in both visual and educational explanations targeting developers and industrial clients.

NEM also wanted to strengthen its community aspect further. Following the update, many areas of the updated website have now been professionalized.

The graphical design of has been changed completely to that of a lighter and rather easy to digest design. Navigation has been kept very clear however much more information has been added with the additional prospect of a lot more to come.

Most importantly, the key features of NEM have been beautifully listed in the NEM Use Cases header and allow an easier understanding for beginners.

Consequently, it has been made easier than ever to contact the different branches of the NEM Organization, be it for community purposes or system integrators interested in contacting the NEM Foundation directly.

In conclusion, it has become much easier for any potentially interested parties to convince themselves of the uniquely simple way in which to develop on NEM through the services that it is able to deliver.

Hence, the NEM team is confident that they have made a great step in providing a more user-friendly interface for the website.

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