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Hello, fellow NEMbers. The soft launch of the NEM HUB has been going on for 10 days. We have received valuable feedback and suggestions from our community and work on implementing these in real-time. We appreciate your efforts and interest in making the NEM HUB a better place. Thank you.

HUB Summary

In summary, the NEM HUB already onboarded 639 users, with 86,600,000 XEM ($3.87 million) staked. NEM HUB members have already contributed 497 submissions to the team requested tasks and 2,271 tweets & retweets that generated 1,266,149 impressions & 17,622 engagements.

We have considered our community’s language diversity while building the NEM HUB. Thus, we have established several groups according to users’ preferred language, including Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Chinese. Currently, the two leading groups are led by Japanese and Russians. We are now publishing tasks in English, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and German.

Users can now reset their own wallets. After confirming a XEM wallet by clicking on the green “verify” button this wallet is put in line for screening. At 1am UK time ( GMT+1 ) all wallets on the NEM HUB will be scanned and your wallet will be added.

The NEM HUB Master Guide will be available on the NEM Forum next Monday – The Master Guide includes detailed single guides on:

Wallet, Twitter, Reddit, Influence, Voting/Upvoting, Reputation, KYC

Upcoming Events

To further ease the onboarding process for non-English speaking users, we added NEM HUB interface language localization into our dev timeline. It is estimated that Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish localization will be completed this month. Meaning, by July 1st NEM HUB language communities will be able to use the HUB in their native language.

After language localization, the General Launch of NEM HUB will start on July 15th, 2020. Before that, i.e during the ongoing soft launch period, we encourage you to use the NEM HUB platform and continue to report any bugs you find.


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