Meet Hiroki | NEM Japan Lead

Hiroki aka ‘The Ninja’ came to visit the NEM Team in Melbourne last week and we had the opportunity to sit down with him and learn more about NEM Japan and also show him what we’ve been working on. He also met with some of our Ecosystem Members in Australia and learnt more about the projects that are utilising the NEM Blockchain.

Hiroki is currently the Country Leader for NEM Japan and has been working with NEM since April 2018 and was previously volunteering before that. His focus is on educating the community by hosting NEM101 meetups in different cities around Japan and to increase the popularity of NEM payments. He is now using what he’s learnt in Melbourne to work on expanding his team to focus on growing business adoption.

He previously worked at adidas Japan as a Product Development Co-ordinator and helped manage trade shows. He discovered NEM through his interest of Bitcoin and blockchain technology and was convinced that NEM could not only be used for transactions but could also become a platform for social change.

Hiroki meeting our Ecosystem Members

Jason & Hiroki with Matt from Rocketshoes and Yogi and Sherwin from CryptoXpress (L-R)
NEM Melbourne Team with Hiroki & Free Market Token at the Blockchain Centre

Hiroki is a big supporter of the Blockchain Centre because it helps increase innovation by having a hub for businesses to network and support one another. He believes it is incredibly important to have a physical place for people to visit and have the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology.

He loves our idea of the NEM Ecosystem and thinks it will benefit people who are thinking of using the NEM blockchain for their business. He also talked about the importance of creating a community for more general people who might be younger, not just traders or people new to crypto.

Creating a place where people can easily access is key to success in this rapidly growing market. — Hiroki

NEM Japan

While Hiroki was in Melbourne, he showed us the work he has been doing and shared some photos with us. It was amazing to see how large and strong the NEM community is in Japan and the creativity that is put into their merchandise.

The community enjoy creating lots of goods with the NEM logo, since it is free to use, and selling them using XEM. Engineers are also excited to make any products/services based on NEM. Any businesses that want to implement NEM payments will get the support of the Japanese community because they really enjoy the crypto life of using XEM.

Another popular product are the NEM fans which became a very hot topic on Twitter. They were created by Mr. Matsumoto, a big supporter of NEM, who has voluntary distributed up to 19,000 NEM fans in many cities with the help of other nem-bers. Hiroki has also joined in and distributed up to 2000 fans.

NEM Meetups & Selling Merchandise


On 26th May 2018, Hiroki helped organise a one day event at Fukuoka which included a nemcafe and a number of stores that accepted XEM as payment. He worked with TrendStream, who are famous in the Japanese community, and several volunteers to organise the event for the community so that they could enjoy shopping with XEM.


Future Goals

Hiroki plans to have a NEM Trade Show around Japan that includes presentations introducing a variety of NEM projects. He also wants to have a community space where nem-bers can sell their products/services to help increase the popularity of NEM payments.

If you want to learn more about NEM Japan then you can follow Hiroki on Twitter.

Thanks for coming to visit us in Melbourne Hiroki! ?

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