NEM (XEM) Head towards Global Adoption as Malaysian Minister Visits NEM’s Centre!

First appeared on cryptoglobalist

NEM (XEM) can possibly be one of the coins in the south east Asian territory to bring governments adoption towards blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The governments usually have not been too much impressed by the blockchain technology due to the security issue. But the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Primary Industry visit NEM (XEM) blockchain Centre is an indicator that Malaysian government support might be with NEM.

In this visit NEM explained the minister with how the blockchain technology works and how NEM is changing the world with its blockchain tech. The interest of Malaysian government can be a huge boost for NEM (XEM). NEM regarding the visit of Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md, the Deputy Minister of Primary Industry tweeted:

#Malaysia‘s Deputy Minister of Primary Industry, Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md. Akin recently paid a visit to the #NEM Blockchain Centre. We had the opportunity to give the deputy minister an overview of #blockchain and NEM as well as its use cases.”

Blockchain is, at its core, an asset management platform. Governments around the world are managing and regulating a huge number of assets in their specific countries. In coming years, blockchain will make this management immutable and instant. The world will be changed by this blockchain technology and if the governments start to support this technology, then we can see a new force in technology leading the world. The voting process, marketing, news ways to control properties and different fields of daily life. Blockchain will change everything. In next few years we will see more companies and governments adopting blockchain and the world will be as fast as dreamed and shown in fiction movies.

Making the world digitalize and decentralize will be a huge success. Blockchain is working day in and day out to improve what they have to offer to world. With fast, secure and no third-party involved we will witness a faster world, which will save a lot of time of the people. On the other hand, NEM (XEM) will have a huge boost as if Malaysia starts backing it and supporting it. As being a one of the world’s leading economy, Malaysia will help NEM (XEM) grow its network and it will also a huge boost for cryptocurrency being backed by an economic power. This visit can turn out to be a good one and might increase the adoption of XEM, specifically around the South East Asia.

NEM is one of the coins which has expanded its network in different countries. At the time of writing, NEM had a trading price of $0.097 USD and is currently on 17th spot in the market. In future we can see NEM hit very high if Malaysian government shows a full support for NEM blockchain.

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