First NEM Meetup in London

by Ash


The 14th of September saw the first London Meet Up for the NEM platform and, with the attendance of NEM foundation Vice President Jeff McDonald having attracted over 50 attendees and an extra 30 people tuning in via the live stream, the event can only be described as a roaring success.

Organising the event was a core group of UK based community Nembers who were keen to meet in person, put a face to each others telegram username and grow NEM’s presence and interest base in the UK.


My job of organising this event was made easy by these fantastic community Nembers who each brought a little something different to the table.

Whether it was offering a great space to host, supplying food and drink, inviting industry contacts and developers, or calling on their vast knowledge of NEM as an initial stakeholder to answer attendee questions, each Nember did their bit and the NEM UK community strengthened and grew as a result.


Doors opened at 6pm, with guests filtering in until 7pm for an hour of meeting, greeting, networking and chatting about crypto over a cold beer and a slice of pizza.

At 7pm guests moved into the presentation room where community Nember Rick Williams of R/GA introduced us all to what sparked his interest in the NEM platform with a brief but funny welcome speech.


Rick Williams introducing the attendees together with Jeff McDonald

The main talk was delivered by NEM foundation vice president Jeff McDonald who had flown into London especially to deliver a fun, informative and interesting delve into the NEM platform, its features, functionality and use cases.


With a wide diversity of guests, with both professional and personal interests in the NEM platform, each person took something different from Jeff’s talk. Even initial stakeholder, KingCole, said he had learnt quite a bit from the talk, and I know I certainly did.

NEM seems to go from strength to strength with a very talented trio of core developers, a great team, and a strong and growing community behind it. With so much lying ahead, these are exciting times for the NEM platform and the NEM UK community will be having lots more meet ups as the NEM train keeps motoring on.

I’d like to end by saying a special thanks to Rick Williams and all the guys at R/GA for hosting this event, supplying refreshments and setting up the live stream. This meet up was a great success and R/GA was a key contributor to that. Thanks guys!


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