Exclusive Interview with the Creator of nemchange.com


Nemchange is an epitome of how members of the NEM Community can be involved in creating projects that could further advance the NEM blockchain. It is an exchange for NEM-based tokens (or what is known as mosaics) that is developed by Pavel Polak (also known as “Pa Po”), an engineer from Poland and a member of the NEM Community.

Nemchange has a very simple interface, simple enough that in a short period of time it has attracted more than a thousand traders to follow it. What sets it apart from other exchanges is the possibility of automatic placement of the NEM mosaic that arrives at the stock exchange purse. It allows you to sell / buy mosaics even before their official listing on any other crypto exchanges. Examples include ProximaX (XPX)and Loyalcoin (LYL) which are both traded for XEM.

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1. Tell a little about yourself.

“My name is Pavel Polak. I’m from Poland and worked as a web developer for 2 years and then for 4 years acted as SAP consultant. I also studied IT at the university but left. Not long ago, I returned to web development and decided to start creating nemchange after my work. Now, the main focus of my work is nemchange.”

2. How do you use the NEM platform for your stock exchange?

“I was planning to start developing on another platforms (incl. Waves), but after a certain study of NEM, I fell in love with it at a glance because of its simplicity, from the first line of the code. I’m sure this is my blockchain.

Generally, at first I was not sure about the type of project that I will create. I just wanted to do something on NEM. Nemchange wasn’t the first idea but it turned out to be the most sufficient. The basis of nemchange is the wallet of the exchange, the website and integration, the mechanisms of funds deposit / withdrawal.”

3. How much time did you spend on creating the minimum viable version of your stock exchange?

“I developed the first version from the end of November 2017 to March of this year. But I did not spend all time on it — just after work.”

4. How do you rate the NEM platform for development? Is it really easy to use?

“I already said that I did certain research of blocks, studied different platforms. I wanted to create something on one of them. But now it’s really hard to find good and accessible information, some kind of tutorials for developers to get started fast. I think most of the blockchains suffer from this problem. NEM is very easy, because if the developer knows at least one programming language, he does not need to learn a new one, but just use his favorite.

NEM is very easy, because if the developer knows at least one programming language, he does not need to learn a new one, but just use his favorite.”

5. What are your dreams for this project?

“I really hope that the project will become so big (or bigger) as CryptoKitties. I’m not a big fan of my project, but I can see his mass adoption, not only among crypto enthusiasts. It will be a great success — acceptance by the masses, ordinary people.”

6. What are your future plans with your stock exchange?

“Right now I am working on a new layout of the site, then I plan to develop certain APIs to call from external services, after placing nemchange on coinmarketcap etc.”

On behalf of the NEM Foundation, we’d like to say a sincere thanks to Paweł for covering his experience with NEM and wish him success! To learn more, visit https://nemchange.com or follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nemchange.

Disclaimer: We do not advise on the use of the service, all operations with crypto assets on centralized exchanges occur at your own risk.

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