Digital2GO Media Networks raises $1M USD from the NEM Blockchain Community Fund


D2GO to use the NEM smart asset blockchain to democratize the use and collection of contextual mobile location data for consumers and mobile app publishers everywhere

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March 13, 2018 – Irvine, CA and Melbourne, Australia – The not for profit Foundation
and Digital2Go Media Networks, Inc. (D2GO) today announced that D2GO has successfully
raised 1.8 million XEM, equivalent to $1 million USD, through the NEM blockchain community

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The funds raised will be used to integrate D2GO’s LocationCore (TM) platform on the NEM
blockchain, making it the first location-based platform to utilize the technology.
LocationCoreTM is an existing product of D2GO that provides consumers’ mobile data and
anonymous location information to businesses for engagement and marketing purposes. A
number of businesses are already using the platform, including Incipio, AdParlor, Alamo Rental
Car, and RCI (a division of Wyndham Resorts).

Using the NEM blockchain technology, LocationCoreTM will provide businesses the ability to
record location-based impressions and securely compensate mobile app publishers and mobile
device users for sharing their mobile data and anonymous location information.
Dan Voyce, CTO of D2Go, said: “Billions of users are currently sharing their location data as well as other personal information every day without any form of monetary compensation.
“The type of data collected is often not fully understood by the mobile device user yet provides significant revenue to the companies that collect and sell this data.

“The NEM blockchain infrastructure will enable D2GO to bring this to life for both businesses
and their customers.”

In choosing NEM as the blockchain technology, Voyce added: “To be successful, our chosen
blockchain requires usability, security features, high performance and future scalability.
“We chose to use the NEM blockchain for its simple yet very powerful technology that will
enable us to quickly create our location-based ‘smart assets’ using the API offered by NEM. The
vast capabilities of the NEM blockchain, coupled with the impressive development team, made
this an easy decision for us.”

Jeff McDonald, Vice President, Foundation said: “We are thrilled to see this marrying of
the big data industry with blockchain technology as D2GO develops its LocationCoreTM platform, as a real-world uses case on contextual location services.”

“This will further prove the versatility, performance, and scalability of our technology.
“We look forward to supporting the D2GO team in this endeavor and can’t wait to see the
product in the market using NEM technology.”
The 300 million XEM (equivalent to $130M USD) community fund is an initiative by
Foundation to promote the development of the NEM blockchain. The fund is decided through
community voting, with people posting the concept for their start-up or business on NEM
community forums, which are then voted on by users. Successful companies are then
presented to the Foundation, which carries out due diligence before issuing the

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About Digital2Go Media Networks, Inc.
Digital2Go (D2GO) is a consumer engagement and marketing intelligence company focused on
redefining mobile engagement. The D2GO dMosaicTM platform provides advanced audience
segment targeting, combined with powerful data collection capabilities to enhance brand value through targeted mobile device engagement. It’s revolutionary LocationCoreTM technology, built upon the NEM blockchain, effectively democratizes the use of consumer mobile data and puts the power back in the hands of the mobile consumer. Headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in Melbourne, AU, and Mexico City, Mexico, the company has deployed its solutions to over 10,000 locations in the US and Latin America.

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About Foundation: Foundation Ltd. is a non-profit organization based in Singapore, set up to promote
NEM’s blockchain technology globally. It is currently one of the most well-funded and
successful blockchain technology projects in the cryptocurrency industry. NEM’s technology is
currently being utilized in a variety of financial institutions and industries.
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Press contact Foundation: Alexandra Tinsman,

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