EGM 2018 Elections Follow Up FAQ

Answers to the most common questions we’ve received from the community regarding the new membership process.



The EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting / “Elections”) will take place on Friday, December 7th with the purpose of electing the new Executive Committee (ExCo) and new Council Members of the NEM Foundation.

In order to be eligible to vote in this year’s elections, you need to follow the new membership procedures listed in the Elections Guide HERE.


· All membership applications must be received by November 7th before 11:59pm (UTC).

· All membership application fees are due by November 9th before 11:50 PM (UTC).

· All members must create and complete an Agrello ID account by November 9th before 11:50 PM (UTC).


Anyone who has ever signed up for a NEM membership between 2017 and now was sent an email from the NEM Foundation with the subject line “NEM Foundation Memberships Reopen with New KYC Process”.

This email lists your placeholder NEM ID and also instructions on how to pay the annual 500 XEM membership fee.

Once you have paid your membership fee, you will be able to locate it on the blockchain explorer located HERE.

You can search for confirmation of your payment in the Blockchain Explorer by looking up the address you sent payment to. For elections this address is: NAFDNIFYIO6SKZT52XMXWUAMBTIINCBM7H5OUHWN.


The new membership verification process is done through Agrello, a lightning-fast and cryptographically secured identification/KYC engine.

You can download the app either on iTunes or Google Play under the name Agrello ID. You can find country specific links for the Agrello ID app here.

The Agrello ID app is available in 200 countries worldwide.

The Agrello ID app requires:
•A valid government-issued document — e.g. National ID-card, passport
•Access to your mobile device’s camera and microphone

It is important to use an identity document that has your birth date as the NEM Foundation must confirm that you are over 21 years old.

Once you have completed the Agrello ID process, you will see the following message in the Agrello ID app:

Once you complete the Agrello ID verification process, you will see this message in the Agrello ID app.

Regarding security of your identity, NEM follows strict privacy policies and is complaint with GDPR. You can delete your information from the Agrello ID app at any time but we recommend that if you decide to do this, you wait until after the NEM Elections is over on December 7th.


It’s important that we can link the NEM account to the actual individual mainly because we will later whitelist the accounts of the verified members. The account that was used to pay the membership fee (along with the NEM ID) is how this is done. Everyone should have access to the account they used to pay their membership fee. If there is an issue please contact the helpdesk.

Some in the community have expressed they don’t have a passport. If this is the case, you can request to do a manual ID verification process by emailing the NEM EGM team at

You will need to send the EGM team the following for manual ID verification:
– Selfie holding your ID
– Selfie
– Photo of ID


With regards to membership tokens , these will be sent later on. Please keep in mind that we need Agrello to verify the members and the council to approve them. As a result they may even be sent in one batch.

About NEM

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