How to Develop Applications on the NEM Blockchain

As Qchain’s Chief Architect, I’m responsible for creating the back end and database scaffolding that will make our marketplace and products work. Recently, I had the fortune of speaking at UCI’s Blockchain Developer Day, teaching the attendees — comprising both students and the larger community — how to develop applications on NEM.

first appeared on medium, by Alex Huszagh
A quick introduction to blockchain

In addition to blockchain and NEM basics, my talk covered how to install a local NEM node, how to use the NEM REST API (via Postman, a graphical HTTP request client), and how to use the NEM SDK. Afterwards, I applied the knowledge learned from the workshop to show the audience how to integrate NEM’s Apostille functionality into a social media application. The resulting application signaled in the user interface whether a user’s posts had been modified from the original version using apostille signatures.

The simplicity of NEM applications impressed the audience, and many expressed interest in porting their own applications to NEM. Because knowledge-sharing and openness are important to our ethos, we’ve decided to publish my slides here as well.

Click here for Alex Huszagh slides



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