Daneel and NEM Foundation tie-up to offer reliable data on the crypto market

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The NEM.io Foundation, part of the larger NEM ecosystem project, which is one of the largest capitalized cryptocurrencies, has teamed up with Daneel. No less than 300,000 users will benefit from this partnership thanks to the integration of the Daneel widget into the NEM ecosystem. The partnership will also mark the launch of the Daneel Pro version that allows the most data-hungry users access to a web terminal with all of Daneel’s features.

What is the NEM Foundation?

The NEM Foundation’s goal is to introduce, educate, and promote the use of the NEM blockchain technology platform on an international scale to all industries and institutions. Incorporated in Singapore, the NEM Foundation’s diverse team has experience in IT, entrepreneurship, large-scale enterprise, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management, and academia.

The NEM platform is used by hundreds of enterprises to establish and increase their market reach by providing enhanced security, advanced functionality, and the ability to scale globally. The NEM Foundation’s team provides this through an array of support and education, from training events and service providers to technical support for the ecosystem.

“NEM is designed to be a powerful plug-and-play enterprise platform, and our partnership with Daneel will enable the secure delivery of important data to their growing customer base at speed and scale. We truly believe in the ethos of this project, and are thrilled to be on board for this exciting next chapter of growth.” Alexandra Tinsman, President of the NEM Foundation.


Why Daneel and NEM?

For any new technology, it can be challenging to become adept in its use and understanding quickly. To support enterprises and individuals entering the Blockchain ecosystem, people need both education and the tools to be productive as fast as possible. NEM supports and trains individuals and companies to take advantage of this new technology quickly.

For Daneel’s users, one of the first steps that can be extremely helpful in understanding the crypto market is to provide access to quality information that will allow them to understand and monitor it like never before. We can never repeat it enough, but the crypto market is a real jungle, and it is essential to protect yourself against all of the traps you could encounter. And the best protection involves access to great education and enhanced market monitoring.

That’s why NEM has decided to partner with Daneel for the benefit of its community. By integrating the Daneel Widget, every user will have access to the latest and best market news, and our famous indicators: market sentiment, trends, real-time data, and for the more ambitious, even price predictions.

For those who want to go further in the use of Daneel, they will be invited to register on the Pro version so they can enjoy all of the amazing features and gain true insights into the crypto market.

For as long as I can remember, I have followed the NEM project closely, and I wanted to do something with them, knowing that their objective was to promote Blockchain technology to the curious, I finally thought that Daneel could provide them with valuable data for their users.Mohammed Darwish, cyber-security and technical support manager at Daneel.


A bridge to Daneel pro

As a user becomes familiar with the Daneel Widget, they quickly get a sense of Daneel’s potential and can, if they wish, easily decide to move up a gear, directly from the Widget. The Daneel Pro interface incorporates the features of the mobile version and the Widget but is significantly more advanced. A glance at the dashboard gives users access to an overview of the total market situation and allows them to react quickly and efficiently. In the Daneel Pro version, the news feed is still at the heart of the system, but additionally, it provides an in-depth analysis of articles, classifying them by theme, reliability, direction (fact or opinion), and sentiment.

It can also analyze and report potential fake-news thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms that can cross-check revealing behaviors of sharing of information that may indicate possible market manipulation. The insights and sentiment sections are even more complete, listing each cryptocurrency and filtered by source (Press, Twitter, and Reddit).

Another incredible feature available in the Daneel Pro version is the Whales Alerts. This extraordinary tool is used to detect large capital movements that can precede a sudden market change, such as when a whale moves its BTCs from one account to another. Having an overview of these large transaction movements can save valuable time and allow users to anticipate the dizzying drops created by the massive sale of a cryptocurrency.

Finally, the price prediction capability available in the Widget is still running in the Daneel Pro version. This feature predicts the price of bitcoin up to 6 hours with a back-tested reliability of 90%. Of course, it goes without saying, that an indicator remains an indicator, so you must it must be used intelligently and, a user must always employ good money management practices to avoid heavy losses.

As we announced, the price for the Daneel Pro version subscription is set at 13.99€ if paid in DAN. It will be 19.99€ per month if paid in Euro.

BONUS: The first 1000 subscribers who will pay in DAN will benefit from our best offer: 9.99€ instead of 13.99€ a month!

That’s great, but when is it due?

The integration of the Daneel widget is in progress and should be operational by October. In the meantime, Daneel and NEM are joining forces to communicate the information to as many people as possible through a major PR and marketing campaign.

At Daneel, we are very excited to launch this new partnership, it will give us new perspectives, and I think our Daneelers as friends who have been there since the beginning will be happy to hear about it!Joseph Bedminster, CEO & Founder at Daneel.

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