AEM+ Multi Currency Wallet App [supporting Symbol (XYM) Testnet and NEM Blockchain (XEM)] is live!


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First version of AEM+ has arrived and our first multi currency wallet app is ready for download.

It’s been in the works since last year, and was scheduled to release with the Symbol mainnet. Having completed the bulk of the work ahead of time and after consulting with some of our peers, we’ve decided to launch it early. This gives everyone an opportunity to have a go at using the Symbol testnet. What we’ve noticed already is the speed, so try it out yourself. Below are the links to the latest AEM+ mobile app:

Google Play App:

Apple App Store App Version:

From there go to the faucet and transfer some Testnet ‘XYM’ to your newly created address: 51

Things to Note:

(1) Current version is under active development. Therefore you can notice some necessary improvements. Feel free to contact us and provide feedback, based on that we will then apply the most relevant fixes or bring in extra features with our next upgrade. You can do this either by replying to this post or emailing us directly at We have launched early for a reason; as mentioned, firstly to let everyone interact with the testnet and two to help make this app better going forward. Note, this is a self funded initiative by AEM Algorithm, so things can take time based on our availability and resources. Features under consideration are:

  • Private key import for existing accounts (Happening in next upgrade)
  • Multisig functionality (To do list)
  • etc…

(2) The AEM+ multi currency wallet integrates three wallets already:

  • XEM (NEM Blockchain)
  • XYM (Symbol Testnet)
  • Bitcoin (currently locked out as it is still being developed)
  • In addition, we are going to keep adding other wallets in the due course.

(3) Hopefully you’ll enjoy AEM+ as much as us and make sure you follow our channels, here’s a full list:

Website short link:
Website full link:

Wechat: (You’ll need to email us to get invited :slight_smile: )

Finally; we will do an upgrade in parallel with the mainnet launch as we want to help everyone transition easily and jump onto the Symbol mainnet as soon as it’s there.



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