NEM (XEM) Listed on Binance? Changpeng Zhao Reveals Plans

The NEM digital asset was shortlisted for Binance at last, but the Coincheck hack delayed the launch.

First appeared on Cryptovest

According to a video interview with the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, NEM (XEM) was “on the list” as the next hot digital asset to be added. But the Coincheck heist has slowed down the plans for now.

Binance usually does not reveal in advance its plans to list coins, and for some newer assets, the news turns out to be speculation. But in the case of NEM, the Japanese blockchain project is prominent enough as a top 10 coin on CoinMarketCap, a listing on Binance seems more probable.

The XEM price is stagnant right now around $0.54, as it has been for weeks at around $0.20 before the December spike. But the NEM team is making the rounds and popularizing the platform, and the market price has shown its capability to scale the $1 level.

On the positive side, the NEM team does not put too much emphasis on price, and has warned of volatility the first time that the XEM price crossed the $0.50 barrier. Price manipulation is a regular threat, the project’s CEO said recently.

“Price manipulation is not something new. You see it in mainstream markets as well. We are in a very nascent, growing phase of our industry and these things are unavoidable,” said Lon Wong, president of NEM, for CNBC.

The Coincheck theft so far has scarcely affected the NEM price, which sank mostly on the entire cryptocurrency market sinking last week.

NEM-Based Projects

NEM, like many other platforms, expects an expansion of projects making use of the underlying technology. The blockchain positions itself as a leader with a focus on the Japanese market, but also serving international projects.

Japan Remains Intent on Crypto Domination Despite Hack Woes

Jeff McDonald, president of the NEM Foundation, will present the project at the University of California – Irvine, along with upcoming side developments. Some of the upcoming solutions include the Ethyl IOT platform, Qchain’s marketing project and the virtual reality project of Verses.

The FamilyPoints ICO, a platform for child development experts, has also chosen the NEM platform.

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