First NEM Meetup in Warsaw organized by Wicked

On the 25th of September Poland had the honour of hosting the President of the NEM Foundation – Lon Wong. His discussion with Enrique Melero (Ex-COO of HSBC Private Bank) was a key point of the second edition of Wicked Crypto Meetup.

Wicked Crypto Meetup is a monthly meetup held in Warsaw (Poland) and its idea is to invite prominent people from the global blockchain space. This time the entire agenda revolved around the NEM platform.


Bartłomiej Sanak, who is a youtuber addressing current topics and development on the NEM platform, started the meetup with a presentation about use cases of NanoWallet.

Video recording of the Livestream

After the presentation the discussion between Enrique and Lon started. Hosts, Sonia Targosz (Co-Founder of Fiat Based Token) and Bartłomiej Sanak, asked a range of questions, mostly regarding the current and future state of the blockchain.The guests were mostly in agreement with each others answers as they all share similar thoughts on the future of the blockchain.

After the discussion panel there were plenty of questions about the NEM blockchain and the most active attendees received NEM T-shirts. Wicked Crypto Meetup also gave an opportunity for journalists to ask Lon a few questions (interview).


Enrique Melero and Lon Wong discussing Blockchain technology

Overall, Wicked Crypto Meetup was a huge success, the conference hall of “The Heart” was located on the 38th floor. There was a beautiful panoramic view of Warsaw buildings behind the speakers and there were almost 180 attendees. The feedback after the meetup was very positive and NEM gained another fanbase in Warsaw, Poland.



The Heart.


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